“The 7 Law Of Attraction Secrets
You Won’t Find In The Secret…”

How to make manifesting EASY and
reach all your goals in just MINUTES a day.

From: Bruce Muzik
Location: Cabarete, Carribbean
RE: Getting Real World Results with the Law Of Attraction

Dear student of the Law Of Attraction,

Have you ever felt like the Law Of Attraction can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ at times?
Have you ever wondered why sometimes you attract the results you want and sometimes you don’t?

Hi there, my name is Bruce Muzik and I can teach you several simple principles which, when applied, can make the Law Of Attraction work faster and more consistently for you. I’m going to share these principles with you, so you can BEGIN consistently producing real world RESULTS with the Law Of Attraction.

Why Don’t Most People Get Results
Using the Law Of Attraction?

Imagine this scenario: You are sitting amongst an audience of several hundred people, all wanting to learn how to reach their goals effortlessly. A hush fills the room as a well dressed man walks on stage and asks you, “How many of you are using the Law Of Attraction in your daily life?” You look around and see the audience raise their hand and you probably raise your hand too.

Law of attraction SeminarThe speaker thanks you and then asks, “And how many of you are now multi-millionaires, in great physical shape, in a loving passionate relationship and living the life of your dreams?” You look around the room and notice that 99% of the hands have disappeared!

This is the scene I witness at every seminar on the Law Of Attraction that I lead. You see, the reason so many people have not yet attracted the life of their dreams is not because the Law Of Attraction doesn’t work, but rather that most of us have never been taught how to harness it and produce RESULTS consistently.

Here’s How You Can Produce
Consistent, Real World Results
Using The Law Of Attraction…

Law Of Attraction Secret #1:

Use Super-Focus to unlock the power of your mind

A core skill you need to LEARN to attract the life of your dreams, is the ABILITY to Super-Focus. Super-Focus is a focus so complete, that you are not even aware that you are focusing.

Have you ever been so absorbed in a good book that you forgot about the world around you because you were so absorbed in the story world of the book?

That’s a Super-Focus state.

In order to imprint your goals on your mind and attract what you want, you must be able to MAINTAIN an uninterrupted Super-Focus state for an extended period of time. Researchers claim 15 – 45 seconds of Super Focus is enough time to imprint your brain with what you want.

However, scientific research shows that the average person cannot hold their focus on a single thought for longer than SIX seconds at a time before they are distracted by another thought that pops into their head and steals their attention. This is a big problem if you are trying to use conventional visualization to program your mind to attract the life of your dreams.

Imagine going to your local gym to work out, but only for six seconds at a time. Would that make any impact on your muscles? Of course not… In the same way, you’d be lucky if you made any impression on your mind (and the ‘Universe’) if your mental focus is broken every SIX seconds.

But, if you learn to Super-Focus your attention on a new behavior (or goal) for just a few short minutes each day, research shows that new neural pathways (brain cells) begin to develop in your brain, causing you to behave in new ways.

Researchers call this phenomenon of the brain re-wiring itself “Neuro-plasticity.” Relax, you don’t need to remember that… All you need to know is that small amounts of time spent in Super Focus each day will re-wire your brain to think and act in ways to get you what you want.

Bruce Muzik

So, who am I?

My name is Bruce Muzik, and until a few years ago, I had the attention span of a flea.

I had been a student of the Law Of Attraction for 10 years, I had attended the ‘right’ seminars and I really believed that ‘miracles’ were possible, yet I still hadn’t seen many!

I turned to Neuro-science and Quantum Physics to help me understand how the Law Of Attraction works and the role that the human mind plays in making it work. After much research and testing (using myself as a lab rat), I began achieving staggering results, ticking off my life goals like items on a shopping list… and found myself living the lifestyle I had always dreamed of.

How did I attract success into my life so easily?

Drawing from my experience in the music industry as a hit record producer, I recorded an audio CD to help me Super-Focus on my goals for much longer periods than I was previously capable of. At first, I wasn’t sure if the CD would work, but within weeks, I began to see the results I had been longing for…

I attracted the perfect brand new house in London and bought it for 20% less than it was worth, making me a cool 5 figure profit overnight. My business exploded and that year, I led 27 seminars in 5 different countries. My relationship with my partner soared to new heights. Since creating my CD, I got to move to a Caribbean island, travel the world teaching what I love and being paid handsomely to do so. I am truly living the life of my dreams.

I’m not sharing this to brag or impress you, but rather to illustrate what can happen when YOU learn to Super-Focus.

My friends noticed my success and began asking me to make recordings for them too. They too began producing off the scale results consistently. Over time, I kept improving my CD’s and eventually developed the Relaxation For Manifestation – an audio experience designed specifically to make manifesting easy and help you reach your goals in just minutes a day, but more about that later…

Law Of Attraction Secret #2:

The LAW OF ATTRACTION cannot work consistently
until you re-program your thinking…

When it comes to the Law Of Attraction, your unconscious beliefs are more POWERFUL than your everyday thoughts. This is the secret that they didn’t have time to share with you in The Secret movie.

So that you fully understand this concept, allow me to briefly explain a commonly used model of the mind. There are two parts to your mind, the conscious and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the voice in your head that talks to you all day long. If you just thought “What voice?” it’s the voice that said “What voice?” You cannot program your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind however, is like a giant computer hard drive that can be programmed with mental software (i.e. thought patterns and belief systems) to control your thinking.

For example, if you currently have a mental program installed in your subconscious mind that tells you that “You cannot be spiritual and have money” or “Rich people are greedy”, your subconscious mind will make sure that you don’t accumulate any MONEY, even if you consciously want to become WEALTHY. If fact, it can go as far as making sure that you sabotage your success…

Until you re-program your mind to support you attracting your dream life, your limiting belief systems (or programs) in your subconscious mind will actually MAKE you think thoughts that limit what you can attract into your life.

Here’s How To Re-Program Your Thoughts
and Beliefs To Attract That New House,
The Love Of Your Life or Any Goal You Want…

As I shared with you a moment ago, I spent the two solid years designing and refining a CD that helped me Super-Focus and re-program my mind to reach my goals and attract the life of my dreams. When my friends noticed my success, they asked me to make recordings for them too. These recordings worked like MAGIC, and so the Relaxation For Manifestation was born.

RFM – Sales Letter

Introducing the

Relaxation For Manifestation

the effortless way to
reach your goals and
attract your dream life

“An audio experience like no other…”
“Like STEROIDS for your BRAIN…”

“It really works!
I have written a hit song…”


“The Relaxation For Manifestation has had a huge impact on my life. It really works. In just two weeks of listening to it, I have written a hit song, put together a band, secured a music video shoot and one of my songs has been play-listed on 22 radio stations. I have also secured a CD release for another of my songs in Australia and New Zealand! This is no coincidence… these events are the universe helping me manifest my dreams… We create our reality and these results are my proof.”

Jerusha – Pop Star, New York (www.jerusha.net)

“I start my day feeling
inspired & excited…”


“I found my Relaxation For Manifestation to be a great aid for visualizing and manifesting goals. Bruce, your authoritative and soothing voice and the background music easily takes me away to a deeply relaxing and inspiring space. Each day I listen to it, I start my day feeling inspired and excited about how truly amazing life is and grateful for everything wonderful that comes my way. Thanks Bruce!”

Elrond Burrell, United Kingdom

What Can The Relaxation For Manifestation Do For YOU?

  • Develop ‘monk-like’ Super-Focus and program your mind to attract your goals…

    Imagine trying to boil some water in a kettle that tripped the mains fuse every SIX seconds. You couldn’t do it, right? The kettle would never be switched ON for long enough to generate the heat needed to boil the water and the water would remain cold. In the same way, how can you expect to IMPACT your brain when your mind is distracted every SIX seconds? You can’t…

    Give a seed water and it will grow into a healthy, strong plant. Thoughts, like seeds, have a natural tendency to grow and manifest on the material level if they are fed with Super Focus.

    While listening to the Relaxation For Manifestation, you develop Super-Focus, an intense focused attention, so COMPLETE that you are not even aware that you are focusing. Super-Focus ACTIVATES the Law Of Attraction, powerfully bringing you the opportunities to fulfil your goals and manifest the life of your dreams. At this point, the experience of miracles is very common.

  • Speed up your manifesting with dual-voice commands…

    The Relaxation For Manifestation contains powerful suggestions specifically designed to re-program your subconscious mind and enhance your manifesting.

    As you listen you’ll hear dual voice commands (i.e. two different voices, one in each ear), scripted to empower you with beliefs that support being successful in life and manifesting what you want fast.

    You need to experience this to BELIEVE it. Eventually, your conscious mind gives up trying to follow both voices and, the suggestions sink deep into your subconscious mind, where they make PERMANENT positive changes.

    NOTE: You can hear each suggestion and can RELAX in the knowledge that YOU are making POSITIVE changes to your unconscious programming.

  • Quit procrastinating and begin getting what you want from your life

    What do all HIGH performance people have in common?

    They all TAKE ACTION, whether they are afraid to or not. Even the word ATTRACTION contains the word ACTION within it.

    If you want to end procrastination NOW, use your Relaxation For Manifestation to program your mind to take ACTION now. In fact, you can program your mind to do just about anything you want…

    If you are a procrastinator, you are missing out on so much of life. Once you kick the procrastination HABIT and begin taking actions towards your goals, you’ll discover that not only will you begin ticking your goals off your list, but you’ll begin attracting ‘miracles’ into your life. I don’t use the word ‘miracles’ lightly.

    Attraction + Action = effortless results.

    The Relaxation For Manifestation will program your mind to stop procrastinating and begin taking ACTION.

Who else wants to cross your goals off your to-do list and begin living the life of your dreams in just 20 minutes a day?

  • Build rock solid belief in yourself and make manifesting easy…

    By listening to your Relaxation For Manifestation, you imprint your goal on your subconscious mind. If you know anything about the Law Of Attraction, then you’ll understand that your thoughts attract people, opportunities and experiences into your world. What you think about – comes about. Once you have imprinted your goal on your subconscious mind, you automatically begin thinking the kinds of thoughts that attract the exact opportunities to accomplish your goal easily. This is when manifesting becomes effortless.


    Tick your goals off your list and make more MONEY, attract a dream RELATIONSHIP, become HEALTHIER and stay HAPPY.

    Do you have some BIG goals and dreams for your life? Would your quality of life improve if you had more money? I know mine did. When I ask people in my seminars what they want more of, generally the response is more money, better relationships, improved health and more happiness – with the guys throwing in a few EXPENSIVE toys for good measure…

    Most people don’t realize that the reason they lack these things in the first place is not because they are unlucky, but simply because they don’t THINK in a way that allows them to ACHIEVE and RECEIVE such things. Success in any endeavour in life begins with the mind. Unless you can believe it possible to accomplish your goal, you won’t take any ACTION to move you closer to your goal.

    NO new ACTION = NO new RESULTS.

    The Relaxation For Manifestation is designed to build your BELIEF in yourself and in the possibility of your goal manifesting.

    It can do this because it guides you through imagining your goal in so much detail, that when the time comes to take action in the real world, you’ll JUMP at the opportunity because you will have done it so many times before in your imagination.

    If you remember the movie THE SECRET, you’ll remember that your mind cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined experience. This is the reason why mental rehearsal is such a powerful way to increase your chances of success.

    Albert Einstein told us that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” After a few weeks of rehearsal in your imagination using your Relaxation For Manifestation, you too can be ticking your goals off your goal list like a veteran pro.

  • Think positively – automatically!

    One reason why so many of us struggle to attract what we want into our lives is that we cannot control our own thinking. Thoughts just POP into our head chaotically, like popcorn popping on the stove.

    Research shows that 76% of the thoughts that POP into your head are negative.

    Knowing that the Law Of Attraction responds to thought, it becomes obvious why you may be struggling to consistently attract the positive things we desire into our lives.

    The Relaxation For Manifestation conditions your mind to think positive thoughts automatically, thereby increasing your chances of attracting positive people, lucrative opportunities and powerful resources into your life.

Download your Relaxation For Manifestation now
and Make Your Manifesting Easy

“Everything is always created twice, first in your mind then in reality.”– from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma

A ‘miraculous’ story from my own life…

How I manifested a trip to India using the Law Of AttractionOne cold, rainy weekend, my partner and I decided that we needed a break from London’s grey skies. I had always wanted to ride my motorcycle through California, but she wanted to go to India.

We decided to meet each other half way and plan a TWO week motorcycle trip though India instead. This way, I got to ride motorcycles and she got to see India. We spent the next 45 minutes preparing our mental ‘program’ and then we installed it into our minds.

Well, just SIX weeks later having told no one about our plans to ride motorcycles through India, a friend blurted out over lunch “Hey Bruce, how would you like to come with me on a TWO week motorcycle trip through India?”

I almost fell off my chair with disbelief. What are the odds of someone else in the world wanting to ride through India on a motorcycle for TWO weeks? Pretty small. Now, what are the chances of someone in my close circle of friends wanting to ride through India?


To my mind, this was a miracle – not in the religious sense of the word, but in the sense of a hugely beneficial, synchronous event that fell into my lap.

We did ride through India and collectively raised £125,000 to aid Indian orphans. I’m not telling this story to impress you, but rather to illustrate what’s possible when you program your mind with your goal using the Relaxation For Manifestation.

Now, you too can create ‘miracles’ in your own life in just MINUTES a day using the Relaxation For Manifestation audio experience to program your mind with your own personal goals.

“I am amazed…”


“The Relaxation for Manifestation truly creates a space where I found I could ‘live’ my goal for 20 minutes a day as if it were already present in my life. Those 20 minutes then set me up for a day where all sorts of miracles could show up and in the last two weeks, I have had two incredible opportunities to get my music to two top international producers, which is what I have been programming!I am amazed at how effortlessly my goal is coming towards me, just because I have been relaxing into it and ‘feeling’ it in my life!”

Verity, Singer, South Africa

“This CD is the BEST I have
ever experienced.”


“The ‘Relaxation For Manifestation’ is so good! It allows me to relax, gets me into the alpha state and then guides me through imagining my goal using ALL FIVE senses.After ONE month of using it, I am feeling so much better and things are beginning to happen for me.

The part I enjoy most is when Bruce programs my mind through both ears at the same time – it’s REAL mental re-programming.

This CD is the BEST I have ever experienced. Well done Bruce!”

David Hartley – Accountant, South Africa

“I received $440,000! In 9 months,
I am now Rich!”

“Dear Bruce, you have changed my life.

Let me just say, I no longer work… Because of you, I don’t need too. Using the Law of Attraction, in 9 months I am now Rich!!! I started Visualizing, giving gratitude for all I have already, being positive and truly happy, and expecting a very large bank account… I started to see things a whole new way, I could feel myself becoming happier in every aspect of my life… I began to fall in love with my husband of 27yrs again.

Then it happened… I kept expecting something Big was coming. Then I received a call that a legal matter that i was involved in was settled. ARE YOU READY???

I received $440,000.00… and I was not shocked, I knew it was coming!!!

Thank you Bruce for everything you taught me, and I am going to “pay it forward’ I am going to tell my friends all about you and your website. I kept you to myself while I was working on my life… Now,I’m going to help my friends and Family with their lives…I can’t say thank you enough…

I do consider you my friend, it seems odd that I feel that way, but after listening to you every day for the last nine months, I feel a strong connection to you. While I’m visualizing, I actually hear your voice telling me what to do “in a British accent’ no less… Everything I have said is absolutely true. This is the first time I ever gave a testimony for anything on the internet…

Thank you…”

Jodene Gardner, USA

Law Of Attraction Secret #3:

You gotta relax into it…

Have you ever watched the trees being blown about by the wind? Notice how relaxed they look as they flex and bend gracefully with the wind. If the trees were to try and resist the wind by stiffening up, they would snap in half or be uprooted by the wind.

In today’s world, stress, depression and anxiety are at an all time HIGH. More than THREE out of FIVE doctor’s visits are stress related.

If you are one of the many people who experience stress regularly,
you will NOT be able to regularly attract miracles into your life… I GUARANTEE it.

Here’s why…

People who are stressed are so caught up in their stress that they think many more negative thoughts than positive ones. As a result, they attract many more negative experiences than positive ones. Stress also removes your ability to thoughtfully RESPOND to the world. Stressed people REACT, instead making impulsive and often unwise decisions. Research shows that 76% of the average person’s thoughts are negative. With so much negativity running around in our brains, its hardly surprising that people are stressed.

If you look closely at nature you’ll notice that nothing in nature is stressful. Plants and animals live effortlessly and in natural harmony. You CERTAINLY won’t find a dolphin suffering from stress! So, if you want to step into your natural FLOW with Life, you need to learn to relax regularly.

FIVE minutes of relaxation a day is enough to make a massive difference to your PEACE of mind. When you sit down and play the Relaxation For Manifestation, the sounds that come through your speakers will quickly move you into a state of blissful relaxation, setting you up for your day.

If you experience stress, you will not be able to program your mind to achieve your goals…

Your subconscious mind cannot be programmed effectively until you are TOTALLY relaxed. When you relax, your conscious mind quiets DOWN and only then can your subconscious mind float to the surface of your awareness. Only then will your mind IMPRINT the visual SEEDS you are PLANTING with your imagination.

So is relaxation really important to manifesting? ABSOLUTELY 100%

If you can’t RELAX, you can’t ATTRACT.

Remember that phrase.

The Relaxation For Manifestation uses several cutting edge techniques designed to make relaxation QUICK, easy and pleasurable so that your subconscious mind will ABSORB the goals you feed it. Here’s what it will do for you.

  • Relax completely assisted by state of the art sound technology

    Do you ever get stressed out and struggle to concentrate when visualizing? Using state of the art technology, the Relaxation For Manifestation will gently induce a deep Alpha state in your brain (the optimal state for visualizing). What this means in English is that your brain will LOWER its RESISTANCE to change and ‘open up’ your subconscious mind to RECEIVE your goal, making your visualization FAR more effective. Using this technology, you can ‘induce’ brain states that normally take trained monks YEARS to achieve, in only SIX minutes.

    Unlike other relaxation products on the market, this technology used in the Relaxation For Manifestation does not force you to use headphones, so you can listen through regular speakers with a partner too!

  • Eliminate all stress and get on with your day feeling optimistic and enthusiastic.

  • Live longer, sleep better, and reduce pain

    Research on the effects of relaxation has shown that regular relaxation can have a major impact on your health, especially in the following areas:

    – relaxation promotes longevity
    – relaxation promotes better functioning of your immune system
    – relaxation lowers blood pressure in many people and so decreases the likelihood of stroke and heart attack
    – relaxation reduces pain
    – relaxation improves energy levels
    – relaxation promotes better sleep
    – relaxation increases feelings of well being
    – and has many more life enhancing effects
    – just try it for yourself.

 “I feel like a weight has been
lifted off my shoulders.”


“Using my Relaxation For Manifestation has made me look closely at what I want. It’s both relaxing and motivating all at once. I can focus better during the day when I have listened to my Relaxation For Manifestation and I’m definitely more optimistic!”

Michelle van Dyk – Magazine Owner, USA

Law Of Attraction Secret #4:

The person with the highest energy always wins

When I began studying Quantum Physics many years ago, I was surprised to learn that EVERYTHING in the universe is just made up of energy – I mean EVERYTHING! Our universe responds to energy and the more vital energy we can create, the more we are able to use it to get what we want in life.

If you look to sports, business, entertainment or any other area you’ll find that the STARS, always have HIGH energy. You won’t find Richard Branson falling asleep at his desk, just as you won’t find Tiger Woods struggling to get out of bed every morning or Oprah Winfrey complaining that she is so tired.

These people all have HIGH energy and if you want to become a SUCCESS in life, so must you. If you have ever watched a competition, a negotiation or any other situation where two people are battling it out, the person with the HIGHEST energy always wins.
Get HIGH energy and get results FAST
For this reason, I created THE ENERGIZER – a three minute process in the Relaxation For Manifestation that will FILL you up with all the ENERGY you need to begin your day with enthusiasm and end it having taken the ACTION you need to TAKE to achieve your goals and attract the life of your dreams.

Here’s what the ENERGIZER will do for you:

  • Recharge your mental, emotional and spiritual batteries.

    After you relax, the ENERGIZER section will guide you through energizing your body in such a way that you are left feeling enthusiastically energized and ready to LIVE your goal in your imagination.

    You will FEEL GREAT. I have received feedback that the ENERGIZER has helped with physical healing too. Don’t be surprised if you feel connected with something bigger than yourself or feeling energy running through your body during this section. It’s a powerful experience and of course, you need to try it for yourself to experience it.

Click here to download your Relaxation For Manifestation now and
begin ENERGIZING your body, mind and soul.

“I’ve tripled my income, doubled my time off, and moved in with the love of my life!”

Jamie Kessell

“So often I’ve been left frustrated by books and CD’s, getting the concepts but not seeing HOW they could actually be applied in my life. But by applying Bruce’s techniques, I’ve tripled my income, doubled my time off, and moved in with the love of my life – all this in one year!If you want to improve some facet of your life or simply want to see how far you can push your limits, then get yourself a copy of the Relaxation For Manifestation.”

Jaime Kessel – Blatant Enthusiasm Expert, Canada

“I just manifested a Hummer!”

Gwen Kloppers

“Hi Bruce, I just manifested a Hummer!I listened to my Relaxation For Manifestation for only 21 days, visualizing myself owning and driving a brand new HUMMER. On the morning of the 22nd day, a crazy thing happened… my car dealer sms’d me and asked me if I wanted to test drive a Hummer! He had no idea I wanted to buy one. He then agreed to take my current car as a trade in too.

The Relaxation For Manifestation rocks! I’m blown away…”

Gwen Kloppers – Managing Director, South Africa

Law Of Attraction Secret #5:

Learn Sensory Communication

Which is easier for you – seeing, hearing or feeling your goal?

Most people imagine ONE sense more easily than the others. For example, if you are a VISUAL learner, you may struggle to imagine what your goal sounds like or feels like. If you are a KINAESTHETIC learner (you learn through doing, rather than watching or hearing), you might struggle to make pictures in your imagination.

When this happens, manifesting feels like driving with ONE foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the brake because your mind WANTS information from all your FIVE senses, not just your STRONGEST sense.

Each sense is like a language, and you need to communicate with your mind in a language that it understands – Sensory Communication. Using Sensory Communication, you can IMPRINT your mind with a goal and massively improve your results with the Law Of Attraction.

The manual that you will download with your Relaxation For Manifestation teaches you Sensory Communication and how to COMMUNICATE your goal to your mind in a language that it understands. The Relaxation For Manifestation will help you:

  • Use Sensory Communication to imagine your goal in a way that your mind will understand

    The Relaxation For Manifestation will guide you through imagining your goal, ONE sense at a time and then ALL your senses AT ONCE, communicating your imagined experience to your subconscious mind in the MOST effective way possible

  • Multiply your ability to ATTRACT by TEN times when you quit just using ONE sense and begin vividly imagining your goals using Sensory Communication.

Download your Relaxation For Manifestation now and
learn Sensory Communication to multiply your ability to attract

“The miracles and magic
in my life are profound”

Donna Mccallum

“The Relaxation for Manifestation is an incredible tool for assisting me to create the life of my dreams. Listening to it, together with a clear vision of my goals and dreams, the miracles showing up in my life are profound.After using my Relaxation For Manifestation, I am so much more relaxed during my day and my stress levels remain low. I feel an excitement and energy in my life that is just incredible. I am feeling extremely positive and powerfully creating my life, even when things don’t turn out as expected.”

Donna McCallum – Fairy Godmother, South Africa (www.fairygodmotherinc.com)

“I have seen TWO
miracles show up…”

Debbie Becker

“Since listening to my recording, I have seen TWO miracles show up that were completely unexpected! I find myself relaxed and energized after listening to my Relaxation For Manifestation and have become really clear on what I want to manifest – finally!I’m actually ‘being’ my goal (rather than just doing) out in the world and am starting to see people relate to me as that possibility.”

Debbie Becker – South Africa

Law Of Attraction Secret #6:

Use a Personal Film Score to raise your emotions

If visualizing is like asking the Universe for what you want, then feeling is how LOUDLY you’re asking. Your emotions convey CERTAINTY or uncertainty to the Universe, and the Universe will deliver to you what you FEEL, more than what you visualize.

If you are feeling doubtful that you can achieve your goal, guess what, you probably aren’t going to. If you can FEEL EXCITED and CERTAIN that your goal is INEVITABLE for you, you will be in a far more POWERFUL position to take ACTION when the Universe delivers the opportunity for you to do so.

However, many people I coach tell me that when visualizing, they struggle to get in touch with feeling the GOOD EMOTIONS of having achieved their goals. In my TWELVE years of experience with manifesting, I have learned that the easiest way to elicit powerful emotions is through MUSIC.

Have you ever watched and been MOVED to tears by an emotional movie scene?

Chances are that there was a moving MUSICAL SCORE beneath the dialogue that reached a crescendo at the CLIMAX of the scene. The music evoked a huge emotional response in you. In fact, music is one of the most POWERFUL and easy ways to evoke feelings.

Having written and produced a #1 hit song, I know a thing or two about music. I called one of my favorite composers and asked him if he would allow me to edit one of his MOST beautiful compositions to create an emotional soundtrack to the Relaxation For Manifestation. He agreed and I personally made sure that his beautiful piece of music CRESCENDOS in all the RIGHT places, so that it evokes powerful feelings of VICTORY and SUCCESS within you as you are imagining your goal.

Listening to the Relaxation For Manifestation is like having your Personal Film Score to your visualizations.

  • Get A Personal Film Score to ramp up your FEELINGS while visualizing

    Use the Relaxation For Manifestation as a professionally composed Personal Film Score to help you feel the GOOD feelings of having accomplished your goal as you are visualizing.

“Tears in my eyes…”

Peter Schmerbeck

“Dear Bruce,

While listening to my Relaxation for Manifestation (almost at the end of the session) I had tears in my eyes. I felt such a strong feeling of gratitude – amazing! Thank you.”

Peter Schmerbeck – Financial Trader, Switzerland

 “It has made me aware of
how my days go.”

Libby Mokgoro

“If I don’t use my Relaxation For Manifestation in the morning I feel like there is a part of me left somewhere at home…”

Libby Mokgoro – Business Owner, South Africa

 “Man, this stuff works like magic!”


“Man, this stuff works like magic! I used the Relaxation For Manifestation for the last three days to imagine an apartment with the perfect view of the Manhattan skyline.It manifested last night!

I have so much more self confidence and drive when I use the Relaxation For Manifestation to programme my mind with my goals. What previously seemed impossible feels completely possible now.”

Jerusha – Pop Star, New York (www.jerusha.net)

“We have already seen a number of our goals manifested…”

Paul Stoney

“I want to reiterate how helpful Lynn and I have found the Relaxation for Manifestation recording. We have used it most days for the last 5 months and have already seen a number of our goals manifested very precisely!”

Paul Stoney – UK (www.constellationworkshops.co.uk)

Here’s what ELSE you can do
with your Relaxation For Manifestation.

Apart from being able to reach your goals effortlessly and attract the life of your dreams, the Relaxation For Manifestation has many other uses…

  • Want to get out of debt? Use it to INSTALL NEW MINDSETS that attract WEALTH and PROSPERITY into your life.
  • Ever wake up feeling like you don’t want to get out of bed? Listen to your Relaxation For Manifestation and FEEL GOOD FAST.
  • Self sabotage? Sacared to take action? Use it to help you OVERCOME FEAR by imagining yourself doing the thing you fear and achieving the outcome you want.
  • Use it to help you BREAK ‘BAD’ HABITS’ that no longer serve you, by imagining yourself with the new habits you want.
  • Are you ill? Use the THE ENERGIZER section to help you RECOVER from an illness or injury.
  • Dread public speaking? Use it to mentally REHEARSE an important SPEECH or PRESENTATION you have to give.
  • Feel insecrure at times? Use it to BOOST your CONFIDENCE and self esteem.
  • Use it before an IMPORTANT MEETING to imagine the meeting going just as you planned.
  • Not earning enough money? Use it before you ASK FOR A RAISE.
  • Stressed out? Use it to REDUCE STRESS and help you Relax.

And there are even more cool benefits to using your Relaxation For Manifestation.

  • It saves you TIME and MONEY (really!): Do you ever fall asleep or find yourself daydreaming about the shopping list when you are supposed to be visualizing? How many hours a month are you wasting as a result of being distracted or falling asleep when you really want to be visualizing. Do you value your time enough to do something about it? The Relaxation For Manifestation can keep you awake, vividly experiencing your goal in your imagination, so you don’t waste your precious time sleeping instead of visualizing.
  • It fits into your schedule: You can listen to it day or night, or whenever you need an energy boost or you need to relax.
  • Use it over and over again forever: The special language used in the Relaxation For Manifestation is generic so that you can listen to it over and over again and manifest any goal you desire. When you have completed one goal, move on to another. Your Relaxation For Manifestation is an investment that will last a lifetime.
  • It’s totally portable: Take your Relaxation For Manifestation with you and manifest on a mountaintop, in your bedroom or in the office before an important meeting. Just load your Relaxation For Manifestation onto an iPod, mp3 player, cell phone, computer or burn it onto a CD and you can take it anywhere – a totally portable manifesting solution.
  • No need for headphones: Many older style audio recordings use a sound technology embedded into their recordings called Binaural Beats to try to relax you. These recordings need headphones to work, which can be uncomfortable if you are lying down or if you want to go to sleep afterwards. The Relaxation For Manifestation uses cutting edge audio technology that works more effectively than binaural beats and does not need headphones to help you RELAX and FEEL BETTER.
  • Live Longer: The more you listen to your Relaxation For Manifestation, the more you relax. Research suggests that people who relax for just 20 minutes each day, live longer, happier lives.
  • Get motivated to take Action: When you are FILLED with happiness, you are far more likely to TAKE ACTION towards accomplishing your goals. The Relaxation For Manifestation will help you stay POSITIVE and give you a feeling SATISFIED and MOTIVATED.
  • Free updates forever: You will receive any updates to your Relaxation For Manifestation FREE of charge for the rest of your life.

This is not a quick fix!

Anyone who has achieved success will tell you that they TAKE lots of ACTION towards achieving their goals. The Law Of Attraction requires that you first supply the ACTION, before it supplies the miracles. Even the word ATTRACTION contains the word ACTION within it. If this were not the case, everybody would be rich and living their dream lives just by thinking it. If you are not taking ACTION towards achieving your dream life, NO amount of visualizing is going to get you there.

The good news is that once you have used your Relaxation For Manifestation to imprint your goal on your subconscious mind, you will be a pro at attracting opportunities and taking actions that move you towards your goals effortlessly.

This program is NOT right for you if…

  • You’re just looking for a quick fix in life, without wanting to do anything different
  • You act and speak like a victim and are not committed to taking control of your life
  • You think you’ll succeed by sitting at home and visualizing, without doing anything
  • Winning the lottery is your idea of a business plan
  • You only want to help yourself and not others
  • You’re a habitual complainer and are unwilling to let that go, as hard as it may seem

Click here to ORDER NOW through our secure server…

“The Relaxation For Manifestation is a gift that every human being deserves to have…”

“I don’t think most people really have a concept of real success in their lives, I think we all have some vague notion of how we’d like our lives to be or turn out, but most people haven’t really taken the time to define success in their own terms – let alone experience it. I certainly hadn’t until I started working with Bruce Muzik’s Relaxation for Manifestation recording.

Not only do I have a vivid, massive and tangible image of where I will be in the near future – something that I had never taken the time to design before – I now know that I will achieve my vision of success.

Bruce has provided me with a set of tools that have allowed me to remove the ‘how could I possibly get there from here’ notion and replace it with a powerfully unconscious determination and strength to create the success that I have defined for myself. The ‘how’ doesn’t even feature in my thinking anymore.

Opportunities for me to ACT have been presenting themselves at such a rate that I can hardly keep up, so I haven’t had time to think about the how.

The ‘how am I going to do it?’ question was my biggest obstacle to success and using Bruce’s recording has been pivotal in eliminating this disempowering and insignificant bit of detail.

My dreams and ambitions have literally started to unfold right in front of me – in ways and places I would never have thought they would.

Thank you Bruce, your practical approach and the tools that you provide us with in your recording have revolutionized my approach to life! In my opinion your Relaxation For Manifestation is a gift that every human being deserves to have.

I have learned that success is every person’s birth-right but that we’ve somehow managed to lose sight of that – your recording has returned this magic back to me.”

Andrew King – General Manager, South Africa

“I made £16,210.84 in 21 days!”

“When my friend, Adil, asked me to buy the Relaxation for Manifestation with him back in October, I was very skeptical. I agreed mainly because I trusted Adil but I thought this program didn’t work.

I left my company a few months after and found the mp3’s of the Relaxation For Manifestation on my laptop. I decided to do it for 21days in January.

My goal I programmed was to make money on the stock market and trading. Within those 21 days I had made £16,210.84 in income. I recommend this product to everyone…”

Lee Hakim Aziz, London, UK

“I have had a number of my goals manifest…”

“Since using the Relaxation for Manifestation for the past 14 days, I feel a sense of calmness and lightness has come over me. I feel more grounded and positive. I have had a number of my goals manifest that I feel are a direct response to using the suggestions in my Relaxation For Manifestation. I am forever grateful Bruce. Thank you.”

Terri Waring, USA

“If you are serious about manifesting, then the ‘Relaxation For Manifestation’ is a must.”

Dale Burrell

“In a single package Bruce provides everything you need to bring your life’s goals to fruition in a fun, easy way. I’ve been using mine for 14 days now and have no doubt at all that my goals (my dream house on the beach) are waiting for me just around the corner. Watch this space!”

Dale Burrell – IT Consultant, New Zealand

Here’s why the Law Of Attraction may not be working like you want it to?

If you feel frustrated that the Law Of Attraction is not working CONSISTENTLY for you, then let’s LOOK at why that could be?

  1. Do you get distracted when visualizing? If you answer YES, the Relaxation For Manifestation can help you stay focussed for extended periods of time; more than long enough to imprint your subconscious mind with your goal.
  2. Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? Limiting beliefs can stop you attracting your dream life because they cause you to think thoughts that oppose the very things you want to attract into your life. The Relaxation For Manifestation is designed to allow you to re-program your mind with NEW beliefs that support you getting what you want.
  3. Do you struggle to relax? Are you relaxing sufficiently to open up your subconscious mind to receiving your goal? Are you so stressed that you cannot think POSITIVELY, even when you want to? The Relaxation For Manifestation will give you your daily dose of FEELING GOOD and help SILENCE your negative thoughts.
  4. Are you imagining using one of your senses more than the others? Most people imagine one sense more easily than the others. Which is easier for you – seeing, hearing or feeling your goal? The Relaxation For Manifestation will help you use all your 5 senses together to imagine your goal in a way that your mind will understand.
  5. Are you struggling to get really excited about your goal when you visualize it? The Relaxation For Manifestation will help evoke powerful feelings of victory and success within you when you imagine your goal. One of my favorite ways it does this is through using a beautiful, evocative soundtrack.
  6. Are you still using conventional visualizing? The Relaxation For Manifestation improves upon conventional visualizing (where you get distracted all the time) by freeing up your conscious mind and guiding you through vividly imaging your goals in all their glory.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Relaxation For Manifestation can help you make manifesting easy, reach all your goals and attract your dream life – in only minutes a day.

So what does it cost?

I’m going to be up front with you. When I was deciding how much to charge for the Relaxation For Manifestation, I wanted to make it really EXPENSIVE.

It’s human nature to value something more when you pay a LOT for it. Have you ever bought something so CHEAP that you never bothered even using it? It might have been a really fantastic product that could help you, but because it was so cheap, you didn’t value it enough to give it a try.

A few years ago, I invested $25,000 to be trained how to master my mind and begin attracting my dream life. Do you think I just left my training notes on the bookshelf to gather dust?

No way! I reviewed my notes every day for 3 months afterwards, because I had forked out a lot of money to gain that knowledge. Four months later, my life kicked into high gear as a result of applying that training, all because I paid so much for it and therefore valued it so highly. By the way, much of the information I paid $25,000 to learn is contained in your Relaxation For Manifestation owner’s manual.

So, I have decided to price the Relaxation For Manifestation at only $397. Not too HIGH to be unattainable and not to low to be left on the shelf to gather dust. This is a bargain when you consider that my consulting clients pay me $1197 to make a CD like this for them.

But then I remembered that the people who need the Relaxation For Manifestation the most, are those who are still struggling to afford to live their dream life. So, after much deliberation, I chose to change the price to allow the masses to afford it, yet still make it expensive enough that you won’t want to leave it on your shelf to gather dust.

If you ORDER YOURS NOW, you can own
the Relaxation For Manifestation for ONLY $67!

I know, I know… It’s ridiculously cheap. My mentors keep telling me to make it more expensive, but for the time being, I’m going to keep it at $67 and trust that you will use it.

How much is reaching your goals and attracting the life of your dreams worth to you? $1000? $10,000? $100,000?

Here’s What You Get

RFM – Sales Letter

But that’s not all. Get These 5 Bonuses FREE
If You Take Action Now.

These bonuses will NOT be included in this offer for long and I reserve the right to remove then whenever I choose.


the 21 day plan to kick start your dream

The 21 Day Manifesting Action Plan

This 21 day ACTION plan has been designed to help you get real world results fast while using your Relaxation For Manifestation recording. In just 21 days from now, you will find yourself much closer to a goal that is important to you. Perhaps your goal will have even become a reality by then.

The only difference between a HIGH achievers and the average person is that HIGH achievers think and ACT differently from the average person. Your MAP is designed to guide you to new patterns of thinking and acting so that you can get the kinds of results you are capable of. If you already consider yourself a HIGH achiever, your MAP will direct you to even GREATER heights.

This product is delivered in Adobe .pdf format so you can easily print it out and get going with manifesting your goals straight away.

The MAP normally sells for $27. It’s yours for FREE if you ORDER NOW.

Bonus #2: MIND MASTERY 101 (limited availability)

break your limiting beliefs, once and for all

Mind Mastery 101 - break your limiting beliefs, once and for all

Have you ever wished you could keep your thoughts under control? The Mind Mastery 101 audio course will teach you how your mind works so that you can control it rather than it controlling you. You will go through a powerful exercise that will remove your limiting beliefs in any area you choose. You can use this exercise over and over again until all your limiting beliefs are gone for good.

This ONE hour audio course also contains live seminar recordings from my acclaimed Designer Life seminars. A real treat for you.

The Mind Mastery 101 course normally sells for $67. It’s yours for FREE if you ORDER NOW.


program your mind for success while you sleep

Sleep Your Way To The Top - Hypnitic Reprogrammer

One of the best ways to access your subconscious mind is when you are falling asleep because it’s very open to suggestion while your conscious mind rests. ‘Sleep Your Way To The Top’ is a collaboration with one of the most respected hypnotherapists on the planet, Wendi Friesen. Together, Wendi and I will send you to sleep in no time at all while programming your mind with positive suggestions for getting to the TOP of your game.

You don’t have to do anything. Just press play and fall asleep. This program is delivered in .mp3 format so you can download and listen to it tonight…It’s one of Wendi’s and my little known gems and is not available anywhere else on the internet.

Sleep Your Way To The Top normally sells for $23. It’s yours for FREE if you ORDER NOW.


train your brain to focus and concentrate

Constant Concentration - train your brain to focus and concentrate

Do you ever wish you could shut out the world and concentrate on reading your favourite book, or finishing an important task, or even studying for an exam? Constant Concentration is a recording that uses audio technology called Brain Entrainment to help keep you focused and concentrating on an important task at hand.

Numerous studies have shown that listening to this recording can increase your cognitive abilities and enhance your memory, focus and mental speed.

Constant Concentration normally sells for $23. It’s yours for FREE if you ORDER NOW.


for those short on time

Relaxation For Manifestation - 10 minute version

Do you ever find that you are in such a HURRY that you don’t have time to COMPLETE your visualization? Problem solved!

I have created a MUCH shorter version of the Relaxation For Manifestation, so you can quickly relax and visualize your goal when time is of the essence.

PLEASE NOTE: This recording does not substitute the original recording and should only be used occasionally when you need it e.g. when you are running late.

This program is valued at $27. It’s yours for FREE if you ORDER NOW.


Get Instant Access To Your Relaxation For Manifestation Now

RFM – Sales Letter

YES Bruce, I want in! Please let me have a copy of your “Relaxation For Manifestation” audio download and my 5 free bonuses for just $397 $67.

Have your credit card handy and click the orange “Add To Cart” button below to access your “Relaxation For Manifestation” immediately.

RFM – Sales Letter

Shanna Jones“Bruce, this recording is truly amazing. What a ‘worth-every-penny’ product. I have tried many of these CD’s, but this one kicks ass. I also love the extra added affirmations on the ‘Sleep Your Way To The Top’ recording. I love, love, love it!”


You are protected by my 100% money back guarantee.

It is incredibly important to me that you feel thoroughly delighted with your purchase of the Relaxation For Manifestation audio mp3. I am completely confident that you will be, so let me remove any doubt from your mind…

If you’re not happy, I don’t want or expect to keep your money (in fact I’d be embarrassed to keep it!) All you need to do is drop me an e-mail within 90 days of purchase and I’ll happily refund your money in full. The Relaxation For Manifestation audio recording remains yours to keep as a ‘thank you’ gift from me!

So you really can’t lose. The recording is yours no matter what!



This offer has a value of $464 for only $67! I’m not sure how long I’ll keep these bonuses up here for FREE because I am selling them for FULL price elsewhere. I reserve the right to remove them at any TIME, so if you want them, you better be QUICK.

By now, if you have read this letter attentively, you know how to get consistent results using the Law Of Attraction. However, knowing is never enough. You need to APPLY the secrets you have learned here today. The Relaxation For Manifestation was specifically created to help you apply these little known secret ‘gems’ and get real world results with the Law Of Attraction.

HUNDREDS of hours of research, testing and then more testing have gone into making this product the highest quality product of its kind on the market. Manifesting has never been this easy before! If you are still struggling to get consistent results using the Law Of Attraction, order your Relaxation For Manifestation NOW.

Using this recording, THOUSANDS of my clients have reached their goals and attracted the lifestyle they always dreamed of – luxury homes, cars, romantic relationships, holidays, great jobs, increased health, abundant wealth and more.

So, if you are ready to begin attracting everything you desire effortlessly, order yours NOW while this incredible offer LASTS.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The Relaxation For Manifestation helps you create Super Focus to focus all of your attention on imagining your goal in VIVID detail, instead of being distracted by stray thoughts.
  • After listening to your Relaxation For Manifestation, you automatically begin naturally thinking POSITIVE thoughts. By the Law Of Attraction, these thoughts attract POSITIVE people, beneficial opportunities and POWERFUL resources so that you can tick your goals off your list, ONE by ONE.
  • A beautifully composed Personal Film Score helps evoke powerful feelings of VICTORY and SUCCESS within you, so you make a greater impact on your subconscious mind and attract more powerfully.
  • Brain Synchronization technology helps you relax and will induce the ideal brain state for you to IMPRINT your goal on your subconscious mind.
  • Dual voice commands re-program your beliefs to support your success.
  • You master the most important elements to getting real world results with the Law Of Attraction CONSISTENTLY:
    1. Relaxation
    2. Mental imagery and
    3. Super Focus
The Relaxation For Manifestation makes all three a breeze by relaxing you, guiding you through your mental imagery and keeping you in a Super Focus state.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Benjamin Franklin

If you are SERIOUS about reaching your goals and LIVING the life of your dreams…

It’s no accident that you arrived at this page. You attracted it. Now, it’s up to you whether or not you will take action or find an excuse to continue doing the same thing hoping for a different result.

I wish you ridiculous results using your Relaxation For Manifestation to program your mind and reach your goals. Please do email me with your success stories.

Bruce Muzik Bruce

P. S. Visualizing has never been made this easy before! If you are one of those people who finds it hard to STAY FOCUSED on your goal while visualizing, or if you just want faster, bigger or more consistent results using the Law Of Attraction, then this audio tool perfect for you. Order it now.

P. P. S. Don’t forget that for a limited time, you will get the FIVE amazing bonuses worth $167 absolutely free, so click here to order your Relaxation For Manifestation now.

“I’m now a published author”

Richard Swan

“Bruce, a HUGE thank you for your Manifestation product. I followed the plan and performed the visualising daily – and I’m now a published author of a new children’s book!It’s all going great and I’m helping so many children.”

Richard Swan, UK (www.richardswanbooks.co.uk)

“I nearly accomplished every thing I wanted…”

Nathalie Desouligny

“Hi Bruce, I used my Relaxation for Manifestation religiously last year for a long time, and it was extremely beneficial to me. I nearly accomplished every thing that I wanted, got pretty close to the big goal. I have been busy and not made the time for relaxation and visualizing for the past 4-5 months, and it shows.Thank you so much for your Relaxation series and for the great advice.”

Nathalie Desouligny-Blanco (www.dolcedreams.com)

“Within 3 days I attracted a house…”

“I started to use the Manifestation mp3 and within 3 days I attracted a house for us to stay in.

The amazing part is that I wanted a fully furnished house to look after and wanted the owner to pay us to look after his place. I visualized how I received a telephone call and that is exactly how it happened!!!!!

I still hear Bruce’s voice saying, “make it BIG” and I even asked for this house to have a beautiful garden and a water pond, that’s all included and a full time house keeper that can even cook + a gardener. We don’t pay for any of it.”

Anita Smit, South Africa

“Within a week I sold my house…”

“Hi Bruce. Just have to tell u this.

My beloved husband left me in September. I was a complete mess couldn’t sell my house got in financial difficulties, so i bought ur Relaxation For Manifestation.

My goal is a dream house in a village near home which I don’t earn enough to buy. Within a week I sold my house and have been accepted for dream house! It’s truly amazing and I can’t thank u enough. I’ll keep u posted . Many thanks and much love.”

Vicky Benson

“I’m averaging OVER $100,000 in Sales EACH MONTH… after a year of listening to your audios every night and day!!”

“Bruce, I feel I owe you a brief testimony.

About 6 years ago I lost my wife, my business was in tough times and the IRS came calling looking for a criminal indictment.

I was depressed for 5 years, couldn’t do anything right, my multimillion dollar remodeling company was about to go under and my $500,000 home was in foreclosure. Not a pretty picture.

Then on March 27th of last year, I got an e-mail about the Relaxation for Manifestation. I could barely come up with enough money to purchase it. I was that broke!

But I did order it and started listening every night and I could see my attitude changing, I started dreaming again, setting goals and believing in myself again. It still took me several weeks until May 6th to come up with enough money to order Relaxation for Wealth.

I began listening to it every morning and going to sleep each night to Relaxation for Manifestation. It took about 3 weeks but things began to Manifest in a positive light.

That was about this time last year. I was dead broke. Actually, I had $40 to my name, had no jobs for my crews. And I did the
only thing I could do…

I started knocking on doors, getting leads and making sales in just a few days. I went from “no sales in May” and only $27,000 in Sales… year to date [which is starvation wages] Don’t know how I made it…. to over $72,000 in Sales in June ALONE!!

Got on a role, started advertising on TV again. [I do my own spots and I’m highly recognizable here in this market and have been for over 30 years]

Now, after a year of listening to the audios every night and day, I’m averaging OVER $100,000 in Sales EACH MONTH!!

And that’s…. with me doing all the selling. I’ll never again have a Sales Staff and lots of overhead. And I’m working out of my house…. And I got my home out of foreclosure plus I’ve made about $300,000 in the last 12 months.

Now, that’s quite a turnaround from having $40 in my pocket….to making $300,000 in the last 12 months!!

And from now on… each year will get better and better…

Thank you so much….I’m sure you get lots of testimony letters but not many better than this.

Thanks again,”

David Terrell (www.TerrellSiding.com)

“I’ve already manifested $5000…”

“I’ve already manifested $5000 using your “Relaxation for Manifestation” (on the 20th day after beginning with). It works. Everyday I’m listening to it! That is my public thanks – I needed this money but somehow I was able to detach myself and sure your Relaxation helped.”

Rustem Zhani, Kazakhstan

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