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> BEWARE: If you’re a card carrying Law Of Attraction fan, then this article is going to shock and annoy you…

I’ve had enough!

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with all the CRAP written on the internet about how to attract money using the Law Of Attraction.

Not because I don’t think it’s possible to attract opportunities to make money, but because most of the information is just plain USELESS! By useless, I mean that it is not actionable and you can’t do anything with it.

I searched Google for “attract wealth” and here are some of the gems I found:

“Step into the flow of the Universe and ask for money help…”

At first glance, this looks like an innocent enough premise, but when we dig a little deeper you’ll discover that statements like this often leave us more confused that before we read them.

Check this out… Could you please tell me exactly WHERE I find this universal flow. Once I’ve found it, HOW do I step into it and HOW do I ask for money help?

Do I go looking for a universal river at full moon and then bathe in it?  Do I howl into the night sky “I need money help!” and hope the Universe is listening to me?

See what I mean? This is not actionable advice, so in my mind, it’s totally useless. Unfortunately, many of the “new-age” or “spiritual” teachings that are popular today, are filled with this useless crap.

Here’s another:

“Learn to vibrate at the frequency of money…”

This one cracks me up… 🙂

I may not be the smartest guy on the planet, but could someone please tell me exactly how many Hertz (cycles per second) money vibrates at? I’d also love to know HOW to vibrate myself at that frequency, so I can attract some of this money too.

I decided to try vibrating at the frequency of money just to see if it worked…

In my gym, I have this cool fitness gadget called a Power Plate. You stand on it and it vibrates your body like a jack hammer. I kid you not. I stood on it this morning and set it to HIGH, hoping that it could vibrate me to the frequency of money…

money-vibrationUnfortunately no money fell from the sky. However, I did make a few sales from my website, but I doubt that was from vibrating for 5 minutes. Maybe if I can get Power Plate to add a MONEY switch in addition to the HIGH/LOW switch, I’ll be able to attract some more money.

Obviously, I’m just being facetious and having some fun, but there is a point to my banter:

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to attract money. The problem (as I see it) is that most of the people who talk about ‘attracting money’ come from a mindset of lack i.e. wanting to get something for nothing.

If you believe people who tell you that you can somehow magically ‘attract’ money by doing nothing other than ‘vibrating’ or ‘asking’, you’re never going to have any (or at least not for long).

Having a mindset that supports you taking action towards becoming financially free is essential, but that alone is never going to make you rich.

Go ask anyone on the Forbes Magazine “Rich List” how they created their wealth and they aren’t going to tell you that they sat around vibrating to the frequency of money.

So, how have wealthy people ATTRACTED their wealth?

Drum roll please…

The Only Way To Attract Wealth

The way that EVERY wealth creator in history has made their money is by providing or creating some kind of VALUE that people are willing to pay money for.

Read that sentence again, because it might be the most important sentence you read in your entire financial life.

If you provide lots of VALUE, you’ll easily attract OPPORTUNITIES to exchange it for MONEY.

money-magnetNOTE: You can’t attract money itself (at least not from my experience), but you can attract opportunities (to exchange some form of value for money).

If you’re still focusing on attracting money, you’re probably broke. Focus on how you or your product or service can add value to others, and then watch the money flow in.

Here’s the equation:


Got it?

If making money is that simple, then why is it that most people don’t succeed in becoming wealthy?

I believe it’s because most people have NO IDEA what kind of value they should be adding, so they end up paralyzed by confusion (not knowing how to move forward) or beating the same old financial freedom drum over and over again doing the same thing (even if it is not working) until they give up or burn out… Sound familiar?

So what’s the Secret to creating wealth?

In my opinion, the secret to wealth creation is discovering your unique VALUE that you can add to the world, and then spreading that value in a way that is enjoyable for you.

If you’re like most people (including me a few years ago), then you probably have no clue where your unique VALUE lies or how to share it with the world, so you’re probably struggling to exchange your potential value for MONEY.

The Good News Is…

There is a way to determine what your unique VALUE is use it to create enormous amounts of wealth, without having to howl at the moon or figure out how to vibrate at the frequency of money.

If you’re interested in learning your unique value, then check out this wealth creation article.

While this article is somewhat tongue in cheek and I am guilty of laughing hysterically while writing it, the concept of exchanging VALUE for MONEY is at the heart of all successful wealth creators. Ignore it at your peril.

To debunking myths and enjoying life,


P.S. If you don’t know how to deliver your value to the world in a way that is natural for you, you’re pretty much screwed when it comes to creating wealth. It’s always going to feel like hard work and be exhausting. Make sure you click this link to learn how you can find out the EASIEST way for you to exchange your value for money. I’ve created a stunning surprise for you at the end of the page.

P.P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve found your unique value… Please leave me a comment below.

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  • Tom Harris

    Bruce: Love your post – couldn’t agree more. The number of people I meet who seem to be “waiting” for something to “come to” them is amazing, and pretty sad. Keep up your work!

  • Dale Burrell

    I love it! So true.

  • Anita

    Excellent article!

  • Lynn

    Thank you!!!! At last someone who speaks the truth!!! I also know a lot of people who think they are going to meditate a fortune into their lives. I agree with Tom, it is really sad. Look forward to more articles Bruce.

  • Rolf

    Really good post. I love it. Awesomely honest and true!

  • Hemali

    This reminds me so much of the guy who desperatly wished to win the lottery. He made all the sacrifices he could and when he asked God why he had still not won the lottery, God reminded him that he should have at least purchased a lottery ticket – duh! It’s disconcerting to know that we live in a time where instant gratification which simply “comes” to you takes precedence over putting in some real action and hard work. I love your article. Thanks for keeping us at bay from the myths and the charletons:-)

  • David Alexander

    A thoughtful reminder!

  • Bryan Lever

    Excellent points – tongue in cheek – Yes – and well positioned to get to the truth of ideas to passion to determination – to plans – and finally to action. There are no fairy tales in business just determined work.

    Truism – some forms of work are better than others.

  • Christine

    I am getting hooked on your blogs.

    I agree with what you said,
    I found it rather amusing too :). We keep forgetting that the world Attraction has the word action in it.

  • Steve

    Actually there are people who have made loads of money from this “philosophy” of wishing for money…..they are the ones who have written books on this subject.Since a fool is born every second there are plenty of folks out there as well as many of your readers who have bought these books.Guess what some of these “writers” have even appeared on “oprah”…I agree with Bruce …you need to sell what the client wants and give him value for money.Of course a positive outlook should always be encouraged,which need not cost you anything.God speed…

  • Jan

    Right on the button…again Bruce,

    Yes,sadly there are far too many people waiting for a miracle cure to their financial’disease’or ignorance and,although I’m a fan of The Secret,I am not sitting with my windows wide open,hoping money will blow it’s way into my life.
    A good plan,a positive attitude,giving value and massive action is infinately better.
    Look forward to more of your wisdom Bruce,


    Jan 🙂

  • Reinette Steyn

    Dear Bruce, thanks for reminding all of the Law of Sanity & Intelligent Functioning in the Universe! I am indeed a card-carrying LOA supporter but I also carry c cards for all the other wonderful “Laws”. In my work as Psychotherapist & Life Coach I’m having to pick up so many pieces scattered by disillusioned people who believe every guideline is either a magic button or final answer, and when things don’t work out they are riddled with despair and guilt [e.g. for not having “strong enough faith” etc.].
    It’s great to be able to point them to people like you who prove that success in every sphere IS possible and available, if they follow ALL the rules, not just the comfortable ones.
    Baie dankie!

  • Robert

    Hi Bruce
    Here is a puzzle for you.
    For 25 years I used the power of the law of attraction to create a number of companies, fired up by my business ideas, detailed planning, focus, creative imagination and it all worked like a dream until…..

    Certainly I agree with what you say and yes, I never thought anyone ever really believed so much of the nonsense that is being sold on the internet concerning the law of attraction.

    The law of success or attraction call it what you like is fueled by dogged determination, detailed vision, focus, persistent effort, passion, emotional intelligence and more. It does not come by sitting on your but. What I believe most people want to know is how to get the universe to help with winning the lottery jackpot.

    Now for the puzzell. I made the law of attraction work for me for more than 25 years. Then I was hit by seriously serious burnout that stopped my life in its tracks for 6 months before I could string two thoughts together for a few seconds without suffering unbelievable mental and physical fatigue that felt like being hit by a 7 ton sledge hammer and from which it took 3 days to recover. Following eventual recovery that took 4 years I have been striving for ten years battling away to get the law of attraction to work again. No matter what I try it just is not working.

    I have been researching this problem along with other aspects of the mind, overwhelming stress, etc., following which, I have come up with some theories of which I have written several articles.

    Such titles as The 7th sense, 7th sense sydrome, 7th sense intelligence. If interested you might find them on Google Just tap in (7th Sense) or at

    I have been following your e:mails because I do believe you are genuine and honest, also immensely amusing. You seem to have a logical intelligence and finally do not take people for fools. Therefore I would like you opinion as to why the law of attraction can work for years and then stop working despite doing all the things that got it all fired up in the past.

    Best wishes
    Robert P. Denton

  • Andrew


    Whilst I agree exchanging added value for money is the way forward. I think before all of that comes THE MINDSET that you can create the money and are worthy and deserving of having it. Or even the belief that you can do more than you currently have. That change is huge for most people.

    I do find it really funny how everyone is coming out and lambasting The Secret and pumping multiple products about the missing secret, what the secret didn’t tell you etc.

    All seems a very easy target. It seems that many people who produce such products themselves come from a lack mentality. “Oh please don’t go there….come here to me”.

    You all realise there are more than enough clients, customers for all of us, yes?

    All “systems” ideas having missing steps. There are things we all gloss over or don’t think about because ‘it just happens’ for us without thinking or noticing it.

    If you don’t think your worthy, deserving or can succeed. You’re not even going to begin thinking about adding value to other people.

    You’ll believe that you can’t do. You can’t even get started. This is drummed into by family, friends, school and history etc.

    The value most people talk about is actually just an exchange of ideas for money. The exchange itself doesn’t add any value, it is what you, the customer does with the information. If you believe or don’t do anything with the information. No value has been added to the customer or client. After all, don’t we all have books, we’ve never read, tapes and mp3 we have never listened to? Amazon must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Once you, as the seller begins adding value ($, happiness, change) to a client or cusomter, then the “money gravy train” begins because the client associates thier turning around and doing something with you.

    Happy Travels


  • Stephen

    Hey Bruce, thanks for this. Gave me something to chew on. These are my thoughts:

  • olga

    I totally agree with you, the only people making money are the ones selling their products using the LOA as a middle man, some people buy into that, the more products they sell the more money they are making and the people buying they are more broke.

    People use common sense nothing is free in life.

  • Darlene

    Y’know, I confess to having been sucked in by some of those ideas. And I struggled with the how I can provide unique service/value to my clients for most of this year. Recently, I had a breakthrough that goes back to the Write What You Know theory. So that’s what I’m doing and hello, it’s working! BTW, I mistitled your products yesterday in a comment and I apologize. I have both the Relaxation products but haven’t listened to the Manifestation one, only the Wealth one. And well, it’s been a good journey so far. Thanks for that and here’s to more.

  • barbie Figueroa

    Oh Bruce, that was hilarious. But I’m so glad that you wrote this article because I do believe that the ‘Secret’ just doesn’t tell the full story. I know people who ‘Attracted’ $15,000 Credit Cards and bought all the ‘jewels & gold’ stuff you saw on the secret, and that doesn’t get you anywhere! You are my absolute favorite ‘LOA’ teacher in that you totally keep it real, and you do give so much Value to others! Thanks for all you Share! Barbie

  • Ellen

    I agree with you and realize myself that it’s the taking action that’s going to make yourself successful. Some things that I’ve been told “you’re very good at that” I’ve actually haven’t done because I was so focused on how to get money because I was focusing on my lack instead of what I love doing. Thanks so much for the mental kick in the butt.

  • susie

    brilliant. thank you for making me laugh today! wise and true 🙂

  • Paul Tobey - Piano Music

    I’ve been meditating off and on for years and never had a big bag of money drop in my lap. Did you know that the number 1 money making strategy in North America is the lottery? People don’t seem to understand your concept of offering value. Well said, keep going.

  • Luis Fernando Perez C

    bruce all of you are dedicated to creating material to sell people on law of attractions but who of you ateve to create a company other than your branch and hit again by applying the law of attractions, what you do criticize you, you only sell a product like everyone else.
    create something new to generate employment and improve the world not only videos and books.

  • Karen Sielski

    Bravo Bruce! You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. The more value and service you can provide to the most number of people, the more wealth you will have.

    Focus on other people, their problems, their fears, their anxieties and how you can help them and watch how quickly you get wealthy.

  • Wendy E.

    Love it. Great article. Sadly, most times when you tell people this, they look at you as if you from another planet and you have no clue what they’re going through and you’ve never been there. At the best of times, we are our own worst enemy.

  • Scott S.

    True statement above. I believe it goes deeper. Many of us are conditioned to see what we can see. Although, there is much more to see. We are conditioned to see based off of our internal map of reality (WHAT’S IMPORTANT). I’ve experienced that our concious choice is not enough if not embedded into the power center where our map of reality lies (OUR SUB CONCIOUS). We will always be kicked back to our comfort zone where most of us are now.

  • Susan

    Dear Bruce Manifesting, vibration and energy are all from the same source.. It is just focusing this power for what is wanting to be achieved, and then the action begins. A lot like trim tabbing. Susan

  • Bever

    Hi Bruce, How right you are. I read a quote by BArak Obama – Success is not waiting for some-one else at some other time. !

  • Gabriele

    Food for thought indeed.

  • Sue

    GREAT POST!!! I laughed all the way through! But your point is well taken, too. If people THINK about it, it makes perfect sense and is very simple. Of course, the greatest ideas are always simple and humbler. SERVICE. LOVE. COMPASSION. HONESTY –

    Thanks for a WONDERFUL post, and a timely reminder!

  • Christa

    There are people who believe in this ONE PILL which makes them slender, looking youthful and rich and they pay for it. The pill definitely works. It makes rich – the industry which sells it.
    One must understand that weight loss does not work without changing of eating habits and the financial situation does not change without getting active in the direction of earning money. The Law of Attraction is only what was formerly called: Luck. And it definitely works.

  • Gopinathan

    Hi Bruce,

    I like your thoughts on ‘giving value to receive opportunities to receive money’. However, that is only true when we are talking about a ‘good’ person’s activities.

    Unfortunately money is neutral and does not really care about the value one provides – good or bad! Drug pushers are providing something of questionable value to the addicts and getting lots of money for their efforts.

    So too are assassins, extremists, war-mongers, weapons dealers and others of such ilk who have no problem attracting money for their nefarious activities! Also some of them have accumulated enormous wealth (Khun Sa – opium king, Adnan Kashhoggi – weapons dealer etc.)

    Thus I would have to disagree with your statement that “the only way to create wealth is by providing value to people” because I personally think of ‘value’ as being something good and worthwhile!

    If one is totally focused on ‘making money’ without any conscience or compunction, then the idea of value does not apply. Money is then purely a means of exchange!

    If however, one is more enlightened and caring person (as I believe most of your readers are), then and only then does your statement apply!

    Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not advocating indulging in nefarious activities for profit! Not at all. I am just recording my thoughts here in the interest of completeness and logic, since this topic started with the premise that the LOA is not logical enough.

    I too subscribe fully to Bruce’s argument regarding value – only I call it ‘creating good precession’ (as per Buckminster Fuller). Here is an excerpt from my post :

    “Go after your dreams with your whole heart and soul knowing that the universe is for you. You will know if you are going in the right direction, by the precession you create. If you have good precession, nature will pat you on your back by giving you `lucky circumstances’ and you will achieve success and happiness easily. ….”

    Expect Happiness!


    Hi Gopinathan,

    The defines VALUE as:
    1. relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of a college education; the value of a queen in chess.
    2. monetary or material worth, as in commerce or trade: This piece of land has greatly increased in value.
    3. the worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some medium of exchange.
    4. equivalent worth or return in money, material, services, etc.: to give value for value received.

    By these definitions, the assassins, extremists, war-mongers and weapons dealers (your examples) are still providing value and therefore attract opportunities to make money.

    The dictionary definition of VALUE does not judge good or bad. That is a human trait. So by the definitions of value above, I think you’ll find that the logic I used is complete. In the interest of clarity (which Buckminster Fuller would have appreciated), I didn’t say that the Law Of attraction was not logical enough. I said that certain statements I found on the internet were not actionable.

    Hope this clears it up for you.


  • rachel

    people who make lots of money do not necessarily provide ‘value’ eg, many oil companies, banks, weapons companies, and macdonalds to name but a few

    what they often have is cartels, no moral concern for people, and a lot for making money, and a gift for manipulating people, control of an important reserve, and government support,

    honestly if were as simple as providing value, then life would be easy, no it is not – for those like us it is about selling, which you do well, not necessarily anything wrong with that, but as you say not everyone is capable of actioning even simple things,

    eg a change in diet


    Rachel, you’re still attaching a good/bad judgment to value.

    Oil companies, banks, weapons companies, and macdonalds all add value, or else they would not be in business.

    The Oil companies value is in the oil they provide at the price they provide it at. No oil = no gas for your car. I’d say that gas for your car is something of value

    The Bank’s value lies in their ability to lend, store, grow and give you instant access to your money. That’s a very valueble service. Imagine a world where you have to keep your money under your mattress and you couldn’t borrow from banks. Most people would be homeless…

    Weapons manufacturers provide value in that their weapons are useful to certain people (and they can be used to protect you from enemy invasions)

    Finally, McDonalds provides value in its fast, convenient hamburgers.

    Now, before anyone reading this begins shouting and screaming calling me names, lets be clear: I don’t necessarily support the ethics of any of these companies, but there is no denying that they provide lots of value – that’s why they are successful.

    I’d like to think that my readers choose to provide a different kind of value – a value that supports the growth of the human species.

    So, STOP thinking of VALUE in terms of good and bad. In fact, if you can stop judging anything as good or bad and just see it in reality for what it is, you’ll live a VERY happy life. The happiest people I know are people who choose not to judge.

    Bruce out.

  • Wolfgang Schmikl

    Money is fictitious. All creativity starts with your mind. However, the principles you mentioned are correct. One is here to serve others by Value adding. Sow the seed of value, then all else follows. To dream and wish for money is like drifting on a cloud that eventually evaporates into nothing. It requires action. Have the right mind-set. It is in giving (service) that you receive. You have to give/create what others want and see as having value, then the universe responds. If you come to realise that all is within you, you are the abundance, then you stop focusing on money and will focus on service or creating what you can give. The mind is a very powerful tool in the hand of the Spirit (YOU). Combined with your will, you can create anything you want by manifesting this over time.

  • Robbie

    To Robert for post 13. I don’t your condition but if you haven’t yet. Get the audio version of “The New Psycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz and listen to it over and over and over. Something’s gotta ring home dude. That goes for all of you who are still searching for something. Trust me

  • Cams

    love it Bruce!

  • Wayne

    I totally agree with Bruce’s statement,however having read much on the subject of wealth creation and attended many seminar’s including Bruce’s, I found a book by George S.Clason “The Richest Man In Babylon”, I believe that if these simple principles are applied as suggested in the book, all who applied the simple principles would be guaranteed financial freedom.

    I have thrown money at many areas of “investment” sometimes with spectacular succeess and other times failure, had I applied these principles in my early Years I would be financially free today,however at the age of 48 I find myself having to start over again.

    I find it rather strange that a book based on ancient principles gave me more hope as well as practical knowledge than all of numerous “new age” information.

    Warm Regards
    Wayne Bruyns

  • Shirley

    It’s so true, as well as “hoping”, “wishing”, “manifesting”, how about some of these guys actually do something to add some value to others lives. That’s the “true” secret.

    Love your stuff Bruce,


  • Maria Garces

    Hi Bruce… Thank You for the lovely article. Love@light Dora.

  • Matt

    Interesting article, but I don’t think it is quite understood how to use the LOA to get the money. And its obvious that you would not be able to attract the money when you don’t even believe it is going to work. You have to believe it will work first, and according to this article Bruce thinks that you can sit there and try to vibrate at the same frequency as the money. While this is true, that is how you do it. MOST of the time you have to take “inspired action”. If you are vibrating in a high vibration (Love, appreciation, etc.) you will find that inspired action comes more easily and you will be in the right place at the right time. If you are in a low vibration (depression, powerlessness, fear, anger) you can do all the action you want and it would not even come close to the action you do while in the higher vibration. Try it!!!! The things that happen to you when you are happy and appreciating are amazing!!! People who you run into are happy and nice, circumstances for what you want show up in your experience, and best of all you feel good!!!! When you try to feel good all the time, then why would you need the stuff that you want anyway, if thats the point of having the stuff. “When you feel good no matter what, then then the stuff doesn’t matter, and thats when it comes” That’s probably the most important premise. But of course people are frustrated because they don’t understand you have to allow the universe to respond, it can’t respond when you are constantly wondering when it is coming, how it will get there, and mad about it not being there. Happiness= allowing, it only makes sense. Think about it, when you don’t care about getting something, it comes easily. but when you want something sooooooo bad, and you need neeed need it, it never comes. A good example is relationships, you need a person and they leave, but if you are happy with yourself and don’t “need” your partner you are both happy and the relationship is amazing. Anyway, the only thing that I have learned that anyone has to remember, is ask and then get happy. Your desires will show up in ways you couldn’t imagine. If you want you can check out “Abraham Hicks”, which is the most amazing teacher ever.

    • Bruce Muzik


      You missed the point. I never once said that you must sit and try to vibrate at the same frequency as the money – in fact, quite the opposite…


  • theeas

    Hmmm….it’s something like “the more you give the more you will receive”…You’re totally right. I myself am a translator and I saw a pattern when I focused on giving the best service and helping people with their translation, more people trusted me to order a translation from me 🙂 Just sharing..

  • Thomas 'Heath' Antonio

    Great article!! Keep doing your thing pal!!

  • Thomas 'Heath' Antonio

    Love this site. 🙂

  • Copyrightyourmind

    We agree, value and leverage is the answer to wealth. One must provide real value to another in order to get what he or she wants in return.

  • Christopher Harold

    Interesting insights. I am kind of torn between the LoA and what you stated above. I believe they both have a role in attracting wealth since it all starts with a mental belief first.

  • Wayne

    Bruce, I’m SURE that if you had just opened up the Power Plate and tweaked its settings, you would have been able to vibrate fast enough for you body to emit low frequency sound. That would have been sufficient to attract a nickel. At the very least, it would have attracted a couple woman from your neighborhood, if only for the entertainment value.

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