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This video blog post is the second video in a series of videos called “How to Manifest Your Dream Life”.

Why you’re still struggling to manifest the BIG stuff.

In this video you’ll learn:
  • Why you’re still struggling to manifest the BIG stuff.
  • THREE essential steps you MUST take in order to re-program your mind to achieve your ‘authentic promise’ (see last week’s video)


Please leave a comment (below) and let me know what you thought of the video or any questions you may have about the Law Of Attraction.


P.S. If you’ve not yet seen the other videos in this series, watch this one first and then click the links below to watch those…
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  • Adil A. Amarsi

    Hey Bruce,

    How are you my friend?
    I’m really glad you’re enjoying your time in the Caribbean, feels like yesterday when we were on skype and you told me about it.

    Just a question on something I heard of recently called “Afformations” which is questioning yourself rather then affirming. Such as, “I am a millionaire” (affirmation) To
    “Why do I have x amount of millions in my account?” (afformation)…. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    See you sometime soon my friend,


  • MR. TD

    Wow…I think that’s just what’s going to get me over the fence, thanks a lot!


  • Kerif Smerdon

    Hi Bruce, you truly are a master; by helping others clear the path to joy. Your technique is similar to “create your day” as taught by ramtha & JZ Knight.
    May your creations bring you happiness.
    Sincerly Kerif

  • Veronica

    Thanks so much for that, it makes total sense. Enjoy your self in the Caribbean, you are fantastic.

  • Mervanwe

    Hey Bruce – thanx for the video and inspiration – again. You’re a gift from the Universe to me. Have fun as always.

  • OLGA




  • Robin

    i loved some of the details you mention about re-programing,i.e. needing 21 days of vivid repeated visualization. the same amount of time it is said, that is needed to break a habit.

  • Robert & Madeline Wilhelm

    We can’t thank you enough for your fantastic (to the point) teachings. Since we are a team (mother and son) and we both have separate needs and dreams, should we be focusing on an amount of money to complete the picture? Basically, our main goal is to have a lucrative, successful home business which will enable us to have ALL of our desires, and put us in a position to help others. We certainly value your opinion. Many thanks again………Bob and Madeline

  • Nan

    You always have the greatest info! You always make sense.

    Congrats on your move! You are living proof that we can live our dream life.


  • Suzy Sharpe

    These are fantastic, but they scare me, I dont dare to hope for what I want having listened to your last 2 videos I realised that not only do I not really know what I want but most suprisingly I feel really scared of getting them!!!! Maybe that is why I have trouble manifesting more than a parking space or a bit of loose change!!

  • Carlos

    Hello Bruce

    I love your BRAIN BLUEPRINTING. “HOW” could you make this available for every one??? Maybe do it in a different way? Sell it as an example or e-book……I now its powerful program.

    You the best BRUCE

    We love you

    • Bruce Muzik

      Hi Carlos,

      I made the Relaxation For Manifestation as a way to get this to everyone. I am fully aware that not everyone can afford a one-on-one session with me, so the Relaxation For Manifestation is a LOT cheaper and works like a bomb.

      Check it out here:

  • Elisabeth

    Hi Bruce,
    I went through every step, in your video and visualised and thought a lot about my guy I like a lot and guess what, your video was not finished, I got a phone call from him.
    Whaw, I will persue it, I also write in my dreambook.
    Take care

  • Dianna

    I truly liked your comments and have decided since I cannot afford you or anyone else for that matter to create my own cd and experiment with that. Thank you for the idea. I will let you know what transpires. Dianna

  • Emmanuel

    Thank you very much. I have joyed listening to the video. It has encourage me much. I must confess that things are getting more better since came contact with you.

  • Jill

    Hi Bruce:

    I know I am someone just like you that believes in the Law of Attraction. This is possible and I am able to change my life into the life of my dreams. I have used prayer,meditation and a gratitude journal to limited results. This sounds like FUN and I’m willing to get into ACTION! Thanks for the inspiration, I will make an authentic promise so my world will be just like I promised it would. Thanks and keep creating!!!

  • colleen deane

    Thank you for sharing your insights towards a better life with me.

  • Caryl

    You doing good – great – and I always believed in you.

  • Wolfgang Schmikl

    What you said is absolutely true. I liked the bit of using the fullness of the 5 senses and the neuro bit that goes with it. I need to reframe and focus again.
    To have a CD cut and have the session with you, what would it cost me?
    Kind regards

  • Patricia

    Hi Bruce,

    Each day I practice what you so wonderfully describe. I try to charge it with emotion. It feels different each day. Some days are stronger in emotion than others. Sometimes it just feels good and comfortable as if it is settling in. I have been doing this since May. No opportunities have shown up so far. Should I more deliberately feel strong emotion when visualizing instead of just allowing it to change in its intensity?

    I use a tape made for me with altered state brain wave sounds. I visualize while another person describes what I desire. In step two you’re only supposed to visualize one goal. My tape has me going from my love partner visual to a dance partner visual – two separate men – who are both a part of my life.

    I visualize my love partner cheering on my dance partnership in competitive ballroom competitions. Does this create a conflict in manifestation? The person who does this told me that whole changes such as this that represent the men in my life works because one does not dilute the other of energy. What do you think of this approach? Is it too much to do both in one tape?

    I use the subliminal software you suggested. I only use one program for building self-worth and mindlfulness that I put together. I took off the partnership programs to focus on my inner self and self-esteem as I thought this would be a good support to the visuals. Is it a good idea to keep the subliminals only in this program or add the two partnerships I desire?

    Thank you so much,
    Pat (New York City)

  • Christa

    At school we learn about history and about great people, but we do not learn very much about ourself.
    We should never stop learning and we should learn more about ourself. You are a good teacher.

    Christa (English)

  • jean

    Hi Bruce,

    I did not receive the Part 2 Video. I received Part 1 and I watched it a few times. I have yet to announce my Authentic Promise to myself. Honestly I want to get over so many things right now.Still I want to see the Part 2 video.

  • Kim

    Thank you Bruce for sharing part 2 with me. I’ve come along way since listening and reading your videos.
    I have to overcome more of what I programed into my life as a child,alot of hurt and negitive family members caused me to lose my self. I’m finding myself again an It fells wondrful, to feel the way I did when I was 13yrs old, before my parents went their own ways, lead me into a default destination for 27 yrs. I’m finding myself again. Thank you until the next video.

  • jackie brown

    This all sounds marvelous. It always does. so, my challenge to you is, since this will cost 1500.00, if you are absolutely sure in your mind this works, take me on as a challenge/proof. we will contract each other; i will pay you triple the rate when i manifest my dream. you will have the rights to my story, the money and a specified amount of time that i will be available to promote for you. can we talk?

    looking forward to hearing from you,
    jackie brown


    Hi Jackie,

    Unfortunately I don’t do that… mainly because you won’t get anywhere near as good results. My research shows that those who have invested in themselves (in this case by purchasing a Blueprint) are far more likely to succeed – probably because they have a vested interest in seeing a return on their investment…

    If you can’t afford a Blueprint right now, I recommend that you grab my Relaxation For Manifestation in the meantime. It’s like a self-coached Blueprint session.


  • Enos Dum

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for the wanderful words you’ve shared on considering myself as worhty. You know what, I know I am worhty in my life but I did not usually have a good insigth for better evaluation. Now I knew my value distinctively as a self-worhty person.

  • Brenda

    WOW!!!! what can I say, thank you for the insightfull tips and next time you go out on your kite if a heehaaa shout out for me.
    Best wishes,


    THANKS !!!

  • suvef

    thanks for ur wonderful video bruce.and I have also send you a email please reply and help me….see u soon…..

  • Catherine Palmer

    Hi Bruce

    Just wanted to say that my husband and I are really enjoying listening to your Relaxation for Wealth – this is the second month that we’ve been listening. Thank you so much. You are a real inspiration! Catherine

    • Bruce Muzik

      Thanks Catherine,

      Great to hear that it is working for you. I use it too and always feel great after listening to it. Originally, I made ALL my products for my own personal use, so they are made with lots of love, care and attention, because I have to listen to them every day! 🙂

      Wishing you success,


  • jill

    thank you, absolutely inspirational, clear and simple. (BTW, I just felt i had to say, you are the most beautiful man Ive ever seen.)


    Jill, I’m blushing…


  • FDD

    Hi Bruce

    Thank you so much for your generous tips! The videos are great. I've read/watched a lot of stuff about manifesting, and attracting, and changing your life. Even then, I was still able to learn many new things from your videos.


    Glad you like them. Please share them on Facebook and Twitter.


  • vuyile

    Wow I have tears in my eyes as I write because you have just reminded me that anything is possible !!!I can never thank you enough for reminding me that!!!I have so much negative stuff going on in my life but now I know that I can design the life that I actually want and deserve!!!Thank you!!!

    Vuyile, YES YOU CAN! Glad the video made a difference…


  • Hazel

    Thank you for another great video. I’ve been reading & watching lots of stuff about the law of attraction & manifestation for the last couple of years some of which has been quite difficult to understand & to implement. However I do find your videos are easy to watch, interesting, with clear & simple instructions – very inspirational- thank you.

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