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In this article, I’m going to unravel why you’re not manifesting the kind of miracles that you know you’re capable of and how to use 5 Emotional Clearing Techniques to do to make sure that you become a miracle magnet again.

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to take my motorcycle, pack a tent on the back and go on a two week adventure ride exploring places I’ve never seen before.

One of the problems I face on the way is that after a few hours of riding, my visor has collected so many dead bugs, that I can barely see the road and I’m forced to pull over at the nearest gas station and use the windshield cleaner on my helmet to clean off the road kill.

This got me thinking about how the bugs on my visor are a great metaphor for how we clog up our life with our personal baggage and then wonder why we can’t see the wood from the trees.

The windshield cleaner is a great metaphor for the Emotional Clearing Techniques I’m going to explain later on.

Have you ever wondered why the Law Of Attraction is not working for you like it could be?

Perhaps you’ve heard amazing stories of others who are manifesting miracles left, right and center, but the only thing you’re able to manifest is an empty parking space every now and again?

If you can relate to this, chances are that there is some area where your life is clogged up with dead bugs and you need to use some Emotional Clearing Techniques to clear them out.

Consider this…

clear-helmet[1]When you were born, you came into this life with a blank canvas. Anything was possible for you. Your metaphorical motorcycle visor was spotless.

As you grew up, stuff happened to you and bugs collected on your visor.

  • Perhaps you were teased or bullied at school and you decided that the world is not a safe place to be.
  • Then your first love broke up with you and you decided that people can’t be trusted.
  • Then you discovered that achieving success was not as easy as you hoped it was going to be and decided to put your dreams on ‘hold’ ?

By the time you became an adult, you had so many bugs on your visor that you couldn’t even see where you were going anymore.

What’s worse is that looking at the world through a ‘dirty visor’ just became normal, so you kept on bumbling through life crashing into things and collecting even more bugs until your vision became so distorted, that life stopped being the fun place filled with possibility and magic.

Instead, life became a prison sentence that you decided you have to survive.

Sound familiar?

The Cure For Your Prison Sentence…

When you don’t clear up the things in your past that are clouding your present, your future becomes clouded by the past

When this happens, we lose our vitality, feel lethargic, uninspired, purposeless, and passionless and our ability to manifest good things disappears.

Which Emotional Clearing Techniques Actually Work?

If so, you need to clean off those bugs and get yourself CLEAR again.

Clearing techniques come in all shapes and sizes and I’ve personally tried every one I could get my hands on. Over the years, I’ve noted which ones work best for me and I’ll share them with you in a moment.

Before I do, I also noticed that the emotional clearing techniques that produce the best results are also the hardest to do. However, if you make a practice of them, you can look forward to a life filled with love and magic.

My TOP 5 Emotional Clearing Techniques:

Here are my TOP 5 Emotional Clearing Techniques for wiping the bugs off your visor quickly and a very brief description of each:

  1. RESTORE YOUR INTEGRITY: Do what you say you are going to do, even when it’s difficult. If your life is not working as well as you want, look to see where you broke your word. Then, make it right with EVERY person affected by you not doing what you said you would do.
  2. FIND THE BLESSING: Find the positive benefits to your perceived negative situation. Keep writing them down until you are truly grateful and no longer perceive your situation as being negative, but as a blessing.
  3. TAKE TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY: Quit pointing fingers at anyone other than yourself for the situation you are currently in. Choose a situation in your life where you are experiencing being stuck. Take a pen and paper and write down every way in which you are responsible for creating that situation in your life. Until you can own creating it, you are powerless to un-create it.
  4. PRACTICE THE MIRACLE METHOD: A clearing technique I designed to be used to get yourself clear before each day begins. 1) Express your upset to someone 2) Count your blessings 3) Visualize your ideal situation 4) Release attachment to it. Sign up at and I’ll email you the Miracle Method in full detail in a few days…
  5. RADICAL HONESTY: Tell the dirty honest truth about where you lied, withheld the truth, cheated or stole, to the people who were affected by your lying, withholding, cheating and stealing. In my experience, this is by far the hardest (and most effective) clearing technique of all…

Knowing these 5 Emotional Clearing Techniques will make absolutely ZERO difference to you unless you apply them immediately in your life. Also, you can’t expect any results unless you apply each one with 100% commitment to getting clear.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to get yourself clear, not the responsibility of any of the Emotional Clearing Techniques presented here.

Here’s an example of how getting myself clear caused a whole new friendship for me.

Recently, one of my best friends decided to stop speaking to me after I commented that I thought she was irresponsible with the way she handled her finances.

A few days went by and I found myself not being able to remain centered knowing that someone I cared for was upset and making me wrong. So I decided to get myself clear using two of the Emotional Clearing Techniques above (Radical Honesty and Total Responsibility) and wrote an email to her expressing how I was feeling, how much I cared for her and taking responsibility for the impact of my words.

Within hours of hitting the SEND button, I received a call from her wanting to meet up with me. When I asked her what she thought of my email, she responded with, “What email?” She had not even read it yet!

Just the act of getting MYSELF CLEAR impacted her and inspired her to call me without even having read my email.

Coincidence? I think not.

Joe Vitale and I

Joe Vitale and I

Earlier this year, I was having dinner with Dr Joe Vitale (one of the teachers in the movie The Secret)…

Joe told me about a doctor (Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len) who healed an ENTIRE psychiatric ward without ever meeting any of his patients. He did it by seeing each patient’s illness as a reflection of some part of himself that he had not yet cleared. As he got himself clear, the patients healed one by one.

In summary:
  • As you go through life, you experience things that negatively cloud your perception.
  • If you don’t keep yourself clear, you’ll never experience life as being magical or yourself as being a powerful creator.
  • Use the 5 Emotional Clearing Techniques above to keep yourself clear. If you’re prepared to do it regularly, you’ll live a life filled with jaw-dropping synchronicity, magical meeting and all the abundance you could wish for.

So, my challenge to you this week is to take one of the 5 Emotional Clearing Techniques listed above and CLEAN up some area of your life and let me know your results below.

Till next time, have a truly MIRACULOUS week.


P.S. Please leave a comment with your thoughts below…

P.P.S. If you’ve used any other emotional clearing techniques that actually produce results, please tell me about them and what results you got using it…

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  • Andrew


    I’ve found EFT to be so powerful for me over the last 18 months to let go of my stuff.

    It is quick – less than 2 minutes, easy, only 1 “pattern” to learn, works on pretty much anything.

    Like you mention, you must apply any technique to your own live. Otherwise change ain’t going to happen.

    Happy Travels


  • MR. TD

    So true, brother!

  • Robert

    Bruce, that is a great metaphor the visor covered with dead bugs. How can you create a metaphor for the bugs that are still alive and kicking but stuck to the visor?

    In my search for a new way of achieving my goals in a world that is changing rapidly I am constantly looking for those half dead bugs, which slow me down. These are the old and redundant beliefs, values and other thinking patterns that have just enough life to muck up new thinking strategies. Somehow they are not quite so obvious as the totally dead ones. Your dead bugs on the visor metaphor has triggered an idea to find a metaphor that will highlight those that are still causing a distraction.

    Keep up the good work


  • Saffina

    I have found the matrix reimprinting by karl dawson to be the most powerful and quickest technique for clearing and inserting positive affirmations into my subconscious.

    It is EFT with a twist that has sky rocketed the results within minutes or even seconds once you get the hang of it.

    I highly recommend you do a search on the above for further reading.

  • Ros

    I’m with Andrew on this one. EFT is astonishingly powerful, and so easy to do. I guessed you hadn’t come across it when you said

    “I also noticed that the emotional clearing techniques that produce the best results are also the hardest to do.”…

    because EFT is so easy! The results of clearing my personal baggage with this simple technique (and you can learn it for free) have been so profound it would take a book to list them. But does it clear the path for manifestation and even miracles? You bet.

  • Ros

    Saffina and I must have been typing at the same time. But she’s right, Matrix Reimprinting is even *more* powerful than straightforward EFT. I do both.

  • Bruce Muzik

    I’m actually very familiar with EFT and I know that a lot of people seem to like it.

    In my experience, in terms of effectiveness, it’s a 3/10 compared to something like Radical Honesty, which I’d put at a 9/10.


    Because when you practice Radical Honesty, you can change your entire life in minutes.

    I’ve never experienced EFT being that powerful.

    Before all the EFT fans attack me here, I’m not dissing EFT at all. In fact I think it can be very useful.

    What I am interested in is what works the most powerfully to create change and clear up one’s life.

    If EFT works for you, use it!

    I recommend that you also try something like Radical Honesty and see what a kick in the ass that is!

    Rock on…


  • Mica

    Hi Bruce and commentors.

    I’m with you Bruce in so many ways.
    If we have any responsibility whatsoever for any mess or blockage in our life we definitely have to clear it up and in that way clean and clear our energy.
    It’s unbeatable, if sometimes a hard nettle to grasp.
    I also agree that EFT is fabulous for clearing blocks (must check out Matrix Reimprinting, sounds fab).
    My feeling is that there are sometimes obstacles in the way of us actually communicating with people affected by our behaviour and attitudes. We may have genuinely lost touch with them and in some cases they may be dead.
    I would say that it’s still a great practice to genuinely clear up the mess with them, sometimes actually writing them a letter can be a great way to do that, even if we can’t send it.
    There might be times when we have blocks as a result of something serious that happened to us when we were young.
    It can be a stretch to go straight to gratitude for those events and the amazing human being they have helped us to become; but looking at this in stages can help open our heart again from the position of closed down that these events might have put us in. A closed heart is definitely an obstacle to us attracting the life we desire.
    Simply recognising that we may have become stronger, more compassionate, done better at school, done worse at school and learned tons more through experience is an important first step to clearing blocks of that sort.
    EFT can help enormously in situations like these.
    If the event was really serious, also, please be aware that only a very small number of people can move through the entire journey of emotions around serious childhood events alone.
    There is support out there and you deserve it, ask for it.


  • Anya

    Dear Bruce! First of all I wanted to let you know that you are a real blessing for a lot of people including me!! I am reading your articles and using methods you are sharing with us all the time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    And about EFT – I am using EFT and tapping together, plus I am always trying to write things down when I am feeling “stuck” or out of my balance. First goes sityation that bothers me, second – WHY I’ve attracted it into my life and third – what should I learn from a sityation. It is my best clearing techniques that always helps!!

    Stay blessed, dear Bruce!

  • Katrina Brunsden

    Hey Bruce, Really enjoyed your article, and your radical honesty. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you really soon! Much BIG Love and Hugs, Katrina x

  • Desley

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for all your input, I have been listening and working toward implementing as much as I can for now and I just want to thank you for your time I am so greatfull especially when you asked us to write in and tell you about what our goal for 2010 would be. Well my goal is underway.
    Have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year for you and yours
    Warm Regards

  • Andrea Albright

    Thanks for this beautiful article. I’m spending some holiday time with my family, and this is exactly what I needed.

    You are a true blessing in my life, Bruce. Thank you for your deep wisdom and ageless spirit… and for the clarity of brilliance in the way you share it.

  • Peti

    Hi Bro
    I do absolutely agree to what you are saying and describing. When we see each other in Cape Town – I do want to clean up – not via email, phone or Skype… instead 101.

    I am looking forward to seeing you again. Lots of love
    Peti /Zurich

  • Glen Carlson

    Man – you must have been hookin’ to get those kind of bugs. Speed freak!

    I dug your list. All I would add that works really well for me is:

    The Law of REFLECTION.

    Whenever you experience a situation that pushes a ‘button’ and pisses you off – wake up! If you have developed the acuity to step back and observe it, you will recognise that not only is it a reflection of your own self-frustration, but it is also the biggest emotional block slowing you down right now.

    Yesterday I was learning to kite board and was getting PISSED OFF that the kite didn’t want to launch from the water as I wanted it too! It would spin and twist and behave like a brat. After an hour of this – with my head under water – I screamed “£$%^$% $%£^^^$!!” (that’s a polite way of saying ‘fucking fuck fuck fuck!!’

    As I did – I recognised that of course, this was a button. I quickly realised that this situation was a PERFECT parallel to another situation in my life – me expecting the nature of what ‘is’ to be different – and the profanity I was screaming at the kite was actually the built up frustration I was holding in another area. Not similar… identical. For me, sometimes just making that link is all it takes.

    The very next launch of the kite was perfect… tight 8’s in the power zone… cutting the rail… the acceleration was FAST and SMOOTH… woooohooooo!!!

    Rock on.

  • Bryan Lever

    I have done the Life Training programme back in 1990. They have a clearing tool which is about telling the truth about yourself and it is triggered by life shock moments. Are you familiar with it?

  • STAR


  • Vivian

    wow… it’s expressive!!~~ I certainly facing many problems and difficulty ~!!! and … I need your help!!~~ In such a way, I have tried to clear myself… but all I need is determination… and seems that I lost myself totally~!! I really lost my direction where to go!!

    As i grow mature… thoughts are carry out…. thinking those and that, which make me feel confused~~
    I just gonna want to clear myself… and know where and how I do and start…

    your technique really very touching~~
    and I need you to guide me~!!
    If you are … can send through my e-mail..
    thank you so much~!!!

  • Marie

    Those emotional clearing techniques are great…i also learnt them in Scientology too and must remember to keep doing them though!

  • Stefan Winter

    Any corroboration re ” doctor (Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len) who healed an ENTIRE psychiatric ward without ever meeting any of his patients” ?


  • Charity

    Was really impressed with his guys. Bruce you are slowly becoming my hero. Personally, I am at rock bottom. Dint even know there are such things out there to help one unclog!!!! Today alone and within the last 3 days, I have lost 4 very important friendships. Because I am not facing up to issues and telling myself and others the honest truth.

    I find that I am attracting that which I am. others with the same problem. It is not doing much for my trusting others and vice versa. I cant even trust myself. After reading this, I recognize I am sabotaging my own self.

    Please help. Is there anything more you can add to this Bruce? I need to hear it.

    • Bruce Muzik

      Charity, read the Howling Dog Syndrome blog post and then go clean up the things you know you need to.

      Take responsibility and you can turn your life around very quickly.

      Let me know how it goes…


  • Vivian

    ummm, sorry for interrupt yr conversation,

    in fact, i also discover myself a lot of questions!~~ i know i have been hurting my dear friends. I want to stop it~!! hurt myself and my friend… i dont want anymore~!!

    if i keep doing, without any improvement, i am afraid the case will be the worst i ever have

    moreover, i think i am the same situation with charity…

    Thus, can u pls help ???? coz really sucks~!

  • Stefan Winter

    Been trying from many places now to get any corroboration re. the above Hoo… and NONE so far. Interesting indeed;-/

  • Sue Barley

    Hi, I just happened to land on here and noticed Stefan’s question. Dr Hew Len did indeed achieve what you described. Best overview of the whole thing is found in Joe Vitale & Dr Hew Len’s book “Zero Limits”. Very powerful stuff. Its reponsibility to another level. http://www.ho‘ good place to look. Hope that helps.

    Great stuff Bruce – very impressed with this blog and everything else. I love the generous and easy way you describe everything for people to use. Thank you & many blessings to you.

  • Stefan Winter

    Sue, Thanks for answering! I have already asked at the link you refer to above, on three different email-adresses. They have not been able to give me any answer/proof. Also sent email to Mr. Vitale and some other sources and so far nothing. This was done two months ago and with also sent several times…You mention the book Zero Limits; where in that book is the corroboration?

  • Philippe

    I really liked the “taking 100% responsability” exercise. I’m going to try it soon.

    I am personally developping my own techniques for clearing and came up with great stuff. I hope to make it available to the world soon.

  • Juniper

    I developed a couple of emotional clearing techniques also. The first one I call Two Hands Touching. The second one uses THT, and I call it EZ Deletion Sequence. Blessings

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