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This is my third blog post on how to manifest your desires – particularly, how to manifest the things most people struggle with, like how to manifest money, your dream home, a fulfilling career, the relationship of your dreams etc…

In the first two videos I spoke about the ‘inner game’ of attraction. In this video we move into the ‘outer game’.

You’ll learn:

  • How to graduate from attracting empty parking spaces to attracting more of the BIG things with the Law Of Attraction
  • The FOUR types of energy you need to renew every day if you want to manifest money, a house, your dream relationship or your ideal body weight – or anything else for that matter
  • TWO rituals you need to do daily to AMP UP your attraction power with the Law Of Attraction.
Click here to check out the
Relaxation For Manifestationaudio I spoke about.

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Once you’ve watched the video, please leave me a quick comment down below and let me know what you learned. Alternatively, if you have any questions about how to manifest anything, that’s the place to ask.



P.S. If you’ve not yet seen the other videos in this series, watch this one first and then click the links below to watch those… 
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How to Manifest Your Dream Life – Part 2
How to Manifest Your Dream Life – Part 4

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  • anna

    just wished to let you know that you are an awesome speaker and teacher that’s all!Keep up the great work and service!

  • Mike

    My daily ritual begins with a bath during which time i plan and visualize my day activities and a drink of filtered water and then 1 hour meditation using your relaxation for manifestation CD. I actually split it up into manifestation 1/2 hour and a health meditation visulizing good health for 1/2 hour. I find my day goes a lot better with this ritual

  • Lara Watney

    Dear Bruce,

    Thank you, your mails always arrive just on time for the next step.

  • Camillo

    Great Brian. Totally agree about turning actions we need to do to succeed into habits. This was discovered already 50 years ago and called The common denominator of success by Albert E.N. Gray. He was a life insurance agent and he addressed a convention of other life insurance agents with a speech about the secret of

    He said:
    “The common denominator of success – the secret of success of every man who
    has ever been successful — lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.” – Albert E.N. Gray

    Gray said he realized that the secret of success was NOT hard work.
    He had seen far too many hard-working people fail to become successful and far too
    many successful people who did not work hard.

    He discovered that the common denominator of successful people was that they
    simply formed the habit of doing the things that other people don’t like to do.

    Just like you are saying. VERY GOOD

    all the best,

  • Naresh

    Hi Bruce! Video Part-3 was also just as good as the previous two! Keep it up!
    I am trying to visualise my dream-goals every morning… once I have finished my bath and prayers. And I do feel the goodness as if I have already got what I desire most. The shiver that goes through my body is the indicator. And I hav been doing this for the past four months!!
    Unfortunately, the action part is where I get lost. To manifest my dreams, I need money… and money definitely wont come by wishful thinking… you have to go out and put in that effort to earn more than what you are doing now. I am trying to do some work, as a real-estate agent, and have been going to prospective clients… sadly, I get no work done… its the papers, the price, or something or the other which comes in the way. This is what I can do at the moment, not knowing anything else and also not having any money to start up a small business either. Before I go out for work, I have been visualising that I get a favourable and positive response from the clients whom I visit, etc.
    Where do you think I am going wrong? Help me please!!!!!

    Naresh, not knowing what you are manifesting, it’s hard to diagnose, but I’d advise you to stop trying to make all the money yourself and begin building a team of investors and partners who already have the money… If your plan is BIG enough and helps enough people, you’ll find funding.


  • John Bernard

    Hi Bruce,

    I`m manifesting a hotel at the moment and will let you have an invitation to stay once it is acquired. Thanks for the inspiration from your products and blog posts. Best wishes from the UK. John

    Thanks John, let me know when the hotel is done…


  • Reply

    Hey Bruce,

    Thanks for the inspiring and practical video!

    My daily ritual will from now on include:
    Half litre of (lemon) water first thing, followed by a 10-15 min of breathing & stretching exercise (my adapted Peaceful Warrior workout) and 10 minutes of meditation to get present and create my day. Then breakfast (ironically it is this bit that I often forget!)

    During the day – 1 minute of silence with closed eyes wherever I’m at random (1-3x), plus showing up 15 minutes earlier for appointments.

    Evening – Chi Gong 10 mins with or without a run outdoors, Photoreading 1 interesting book, and calm down 10 minute meditation before going to sleep.

    Game on – Conscious knowledge into unconscious habits.


  • Sandra

    Hi Bruce, I learned many years ago from Julia Cameron, the power of morning pages. Writing has been a ritual for me for about 7 years, and has evolved to incorporate a brain dump, a gratitude journal, and a review of intentions (like resolutions but much more effective). It works! and I can’t start the day without it.

    Thanks for the videos, always interested in alternative perspectives.


  • Sandi Hanson

    Hi Bruce – Always great to begin the day with your inspiring video’s! The view from your balcony reminds me of the time I lived in the Caribbean for 2 years with a similar view..also the LOA at work in my life.

    My rituals are to begin the day by being grateful for waking up! Drink water;stretch with Stott Pilates;practice the five ancient rites of the Fountain of Youth;journal…and always listen to my wonderful Relaxation for Manifestation. When I go to bed at night I listen to your evening meditation…a great way to fall asleep listening to positive suggestions for mind body soul. Thanks Bruce for all that you do!

  • Teresa van der Merwe

    Thank you for the inspiration, I am definitely going to create two rituals from tomorrow morning onwards. I live in Johannesburg which can be a pretty stressful city and have the last couple of months started to think about finding a more peaceful place to live. Who knows it could be the Caribbean……

  • Marianne

    Hi Bruce

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and personal routine.
    Your morning ritual is inspiring me to create one for myself.
    I would love mine to be:
    1/2 hour energy healing before getting up, large glass of water, 20 minutes yoga, 20 minutes reading, quick shower, healthy breakfast.

    I am starting this tomorrow and will let you know how I get on!
    Thank you for being an inspiration.

    Hope to see you in London on one of your visits!
    Best wishes
    Marianne x

  • Angelia Linton

    Hi Bruce,
    For the last few months, I have been practicing a written morning meditation. I write out my life blueprint,then play at spending money on paper on the things that I desire to attract with a cost attached, then say a thank you statement for all the things in my blueprint as though they are already present. I am a writer and it suddenly clicked that I do my best visualizing with a pen in my hand. Since then, most of the little things have manifested and signs of the bigger things keep appearing. Most of all, I am having fun and feel so energized afterwards that the days ‘stuff’ gets taken in stride.

    Angel x

    Angelia, writing is a GREAT way to aid programming your mind for many reasons I’m not going to go into here. Keep it up. Bruce

  • Nathalie

    Hi Bruce,
    I did your Relaxation for Manifestation tape religiously last year for a long time, and it was extremely beneficial to me. I nearly accomplished every thing that I wanted, got pretty close to the big goal. I have been busy and not made the time for relaxation and visualizing for the past 4-5 months, and it shows. Thank you so much for your tape series and for the great advice. Congratulations on being in your dream spot!

    Great to hear your story. I’m glad you’re manifesting up a storm.

  • Anette Van Heerden

    It seems like I should get myself your Relaxation for Manifestation CD, for I can neither relax nor manifest, and I get tired very easily nowadays. I really NEED energy. I also need to lose 50 pounds.

  • Steve

    Brilliant Bruce!

    Everyone else talks about “mind, body, spirit” … you are one of the few who also distinguish the all-important “fourth energy” of the emotions and heart … as you point out, bathing in water is a good way to renew it … my “symbol” for this energy is the “endless ocean of Love in which we are constantly saturated, whichever way we turn”.

    My ritual is a round of Qigong exercises that only need take about ten minutes … but it renews me on seven levels of being.

    Interesting, and very helpful, how you turn such mundane things as having breakfast into a poweful ritual … based on that idea, I am now looking at turning my whole day into an “unconscious ritual”.

    Best wishes to all,

  • Shosh

    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for your inspiring video. Every morning, when I wake up, before even opening my eyes, I meditate for about half an hour, visualizing health, wealth and joy for me and for the rest of the world. This really makes my day.

    Thank you again


  • Rachel

    Hi Bruce
    Really enjoyed your blog/video. Must confess this is my first contact with it.
    I have made notes and will aim at beginning my day as u suggest.
    I am working on creating sufficient income to do the animal rescue work which is very dear to my heart.
    My affirmation is that ‘money & opportunities are flowing toward me at an ever increasing rate’.
    Since beginning with this affirmation, I have been offered a sale of a time share that I was not using which will pay off all my accumulated debts of the last 2 years.
    NOW I need to visualize it coming thru….these has been more delay than I expected.
    Yesterday I paid into a rather pricey (for me) program and I am having severe second thoughts……having not yet seen the money promised ‘today’.
    So I am spending the time improving myself and my 4 energies.
    I love Shosh’s visualizing of health, wealth, & joy for himself and the world….also peace… that too much to ask??
    Thanks for all your positive contributions to my life and that of so many others.
    I really appreciate you.

  • Jock

    Hi Bruce
    Strangely I was thinking about this very thing last night so I guess an answer has been manifested. It is exactly what I have done in the past – been pretty good about visualisation etc then let it lapse.
    Linking it to 1. the energies and 2. the seeminly mundane activities of teeth and getting dressed makes a strong connection for me. However, making it as important as breakfast will be the strongest unconscious link!

    I will certainly pass on this post on to others.


  • Darlene

    Okay, here’s the deal. I got Relaxation for Wealth two months ago. Then it took me another month to do the Inspired Outcome and VAKGO writing and I’m a frickin’ writer!!! Now, I made it 4 days last week so I’m starting the 21-day salute all over again as of today! It changed me in a profound way and I got two new clients last week. Gotta keep the momentun going now that conflicts are resolved.
    This is good stuff and of all the stuff I get, makes the most sense.
    Thanks very much, Bruce. P.S. Go check out the Gratitude Dance at It’s hilarious!

  • MR. TD

    Thanks a lot Bruce, I think this is just what I needed. Again. Bruce covered the essential rituals, so I don’t really have any other important ones to put down. I will let you know how things go. Thanks again!


  • Ejaz Latib

    Hi Bruce

    One of the rituals I have added since June this year to really pump up my day is to make a fist with my right hand and shout out ‘YES’.Its amazing what an impact it makes cos I just got my first yes which I gave as a gift to myself.

    I got your Manifestation series last year and I have been manifesting some really long overseas trips.More to come:)

    Thanks again

  • Deana M

    When the student is ready the teacher arrives!
    Thank You Bruce ~ Loved this empowering video
    your Rituals Relaxation High Energy Visualisation
    for Manifestation resonate deeply! Now all i have to do is “DO IT” Much Gratitude Bruce!

  • jacqueline

    Hi Bruce, i take it you manifested the storm……i have been putting a lot of thought and attraction into getting my nose corrected. I had a consultation with a top plastic surgeon bringing it near to my reality, a bit like test driving a car. Last xmas i unfortunately got attacked by a group of women, ( i won’t share the details) and they broke my nose again. I am now the proud owner of a new nose and i have had the surgery for free. Very happy and manifestation works but i should have been more precise with the way i got what i wanted don’t you think. The old saying “be careful what you wish for” rang true.
    My question is should we be really specific about how we will manifest something? What do you think?
    Loving your videos
    Going to start my own workshops for people very soon.
    enjoy that beach
    see you soon

    No, I don’t believe in being attached to HOW your dream should happen. There are so many possibilities beyond your imagination that specifying HOW would only limit those possibilities.

    Can you re-frame your attack? What did you benefit from the attach. How did it serve you? What did you learn from the experience?

    Answer these questions with the intent of finding the blessing in the experience and I assure you that you will be thanking your lucky stars that you got attacked! When you get to that place, you won’t want to change HOW, because you’ll realize that the HOW was perfect – if not what you expected…

    Most people go through life resenting the BAD things that happen to them and survive living powerless, uninspired lives of quiet desperation. This technique, if practiced regularly, will bring a new level of joy to your life…


  • Rizo

    Very informative video! I’ll give it a try and see how it works for me – don’t know specifics, yet.
    May blessings find you…

  • James Tagtmeyer

    Is the R for M a cd or a download? I have been listening to “Sleep Your Way To The Top” you made ith Wendi a couple years ago. Ready to gratuate up to R f M, but not technically savvy for a download.
    It was nice to meet you a couple years ago, in San Diego.



    James, the Relaxation For Manifestation is a download only at this time. I suggest you find a friend who is tech savvy to help you download it and burn it to a CD or load it onto your mp3 player…


  • Patricia

    Hi Bruce,

    It was wonderful to watch this video because it confirms that I am on the right track. I have very strong rituals that correspond to all you talked about. Years ago I read “The Power of Full Engagement” because I am a competitive dancer. I follow its dictates.

    It takes enormous fortitude and faith in myself and the universe to do this every day. It took you 18 months to manifest your dream house. Did you have signs along the way to this manifestation that helped you to keep going? I am trying to manifest a love partner and a dance partner – two separate men. I visualize the best for myself, and so far, the right ones have not shown up. It’s only been three months. Is it a matter of continuing until the good demonstrates?

    You said in an email to me that even if my goals don’t manifest, I’ll still be okay – this was part of learning to be unattached to outcomes to allow the universe to work on my behalf without blocking it. An okay life is only just surviving, and I much rather have great successful fulfillment and deep and abiding satisfaction.

    I’m on my own now as far as not having a coach, but your videos give me support. Your reminder in another video of using all five senses and emotionally charging the quantum field with my visualizations, gave me much needed encouragement to continue to make the conscious choice to do this and recommit to believing that this stuff works. I have seen it work in my life in the past, so I know it does.

    Without signs of opportunities emerging for me, it is extremely difficult to keep going. If I stop, I’ll end up with the status quo, but it might end up that way anyway. It’s entirely up to me to allow these partnerings to manifest, but what can I do to help myself continue, Bruce, without signs of encouragement that the good is opening up for me?

    Thank you,
    Pat (New York)

    Pat, good question…

    While I’m manifesting something that takes time, I have found that one of the most important things you an do for yourself is to keep doing things that make you happy. For me, it’s kite boarding, motorcycling, travelling, meeting change makers and learning… When I do these things, my spirit elevates and becasue I am loving my life so much, I stop being attached to my goal manifesting. When I’m unattached, I give LIFE the space to bring me opportunities to manifest my goal, without negative thoughts interfering…

    So, go do some fun stuff and keep taking action. Stay happy Pat.

    With love


  • Debbie

    I will have my credit card debts paid off by December of this year.
    I thank you for your help Bruce.
    It can be done!

  • Carmela

    Dear Bruce, thank you for so generously sharing your incredible knowledge. I wish you every happiness in your new life. Love Carmela

  • Clare Appleyard

    Another great video Bruce, thanks!

    I’ve had a number of daily rituals over the past year that have included visualisation, meditation, affirmations and journalling in various combinations – and it’s now time to get back into it, so thanks for the reminder! Recently I’ve been starting my days with Wayne Dyer’s “Morning Meditation for Manifestation” audio, followed by Neuro-programmers “Wake-up session” and then ending my day with Wayne’s “Evening Meditation for Gratitude”.

    Now, I am committing to following Wayne’s morning meditation, followed by an energising shower, a cup of tea whilst journalling, then your RFM audio. Davina, Liam and myself want to spend a week in December in Finland, watching the Northern Lights – so that’s what I’ll be visualising each morning 🙂

  • Richard

    Thanks for the video lesson Bruce!

    As someone who is already an avid user of your Relaxation for Manifestation product, I already KNOW that IT WORKS!

    My whole achievement of finally becoming a published author, helping children, getting on prime-time TV to reach more children, teachers and parents – every part of the journey – was thought of, visualised, then manifested using RFM!

    So to get another little insight from you in this video – the idea of a structured morning with water drinking, exercise, etc. – will add another bow to my string for ensuring my visualisations get all the power I can give them.

    Thanks for the video and thanks for sharing the wisdom!

    Kind regards,
    (in Bonnie Scotland rather than the sunny Caribbean!)

  • Christa

    I wished to have good art on my website. I imagined how the page would look. Clean white with photos of the artwork. Since today I represent some very fine Austrian artists, one makes the best drawings, the prises rising from one exhibition to the next. His drawing consist of thousand of point. Really astonishing.

    Yes, Bruce, imagining and getting active is the key.


  • Maria

    Hi Bruce,

    I started the Relaxation for Manifestation along with the workbook 4 days ago. I’m working on better visualization and after seeing your 3rd video on manifestation here on this website, I realized that I need to play over and over again the same scene in my mind. My question to you is, after the 21 days you say one must become detached from your goal to allow life space to manifest and to stay busy doing things that make us happy. How long do you wait before you re-do the same goal manifestation if you didn’t get the results you were seeking?

    Thanks in advance for your time and response.


  • Mark Mayes

    Nice one Bruce, spring time is an opportune time to start a new ritual. What i learned persistance. Always good value downloading your vid’s

  • Julie Foster

    Hi Bruce, thank you so much for all your uplifting blogs and video clips.

    I am running a Law of Attraction Goal Setting workshop today and will be incorporating some of the information I have learnt from you. I will of course be directing people to your website if they want to know more.

    Love and Light

    Julie X

  • Adnan

    Unconscious Ritual – Prayer, study, breakfast, water the garden, with some visualisation in between and a good walk later on…
    I’ll put this into practise this morning…!
    Thanks as always.

  • visitacion leticia s de alban

    Bruce. I like your video and learned much. hope to see your next video God bless!

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