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Are you sabotaging your success with the Law Of Attraction?

To some degree, we all do… If you want to manifest your dream life, you’ll need to make sure that you are not subconsciously sabotaging your success.

Watch this video below and find out:

  • How your subconscious mind might be sabotaging your dreams and why it doesn’t want you to succeed…
  • The only two reasons (other than dying) why you might fail. Most people make both of these…
  • The 7 most common traps that stop you achieving success and what you can do to make sure you don’t get caught out by them…
Let me know what you thought of the video by leaving me a comment below…


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  • Josphine Schultz

    Thank you for sharing this information. It is very true that the reasons for not accomplishing your goal has a lot to do with limiting beliefs and attachment.

    Again thank you for your inspiration.

  • Dianne

    Hi Bruce. Where I live in New Zealand our internet service is still in the dark ages i.e. we’re still using dial up internet. This makes it impossible for me to watch your videos and I really, really want to watch them. So is it possible for me to be able to download them first? Then once they are stored in my computer I have no problems viewing them. Hoping you can help me!

  • Elizabeth

    The reason I fail is that I don’t follow through. I start with great enthusiasm, and then fade away. This has been with my diets over the years. The same with visualising my big dream. I get carried away with the thrill of it, and then the doubts creep in. Will I find the perfect place to build my dream house, will I find the perfect soul mate, do these exist, how will I have enough money, etc. and so I lose heart.

  • Barbie

    Bruce, you are always over delivering. I think to an extent, I’ve experienced a bit of all 7. I’m moving forward, but it’s going slower than I had thought, and I know that understanding these 7 Concepts will Help me. I’ve got your MP3’s and they are Awesome, I recommend anyone watching your videos to get them. But like everything else, you’ve got to actually use them 🙂

    Thank you for all Your VALUE

  • robin baranov

    i am soo “good” at self sabotage that I have a hard time seeing how i do it. i am a brilliant starter but lack in the finishing up department.

    thanks as always for the great info.

  • Nan


    Great always! You are looking tan. Kite surfing must be very good for you. I will overcome point #2! Plugging into your videos are very helpful.

    Take care…we are looking forward to you modeling that 6 pack next month! I am sure you must have being making an authentic promise..ha, ha!


  • Gabriele

    Hallo Bruce,
    Lovely photo of you, unfortunately,I cannot activate your video. But it is very true what you state in your mail, we do sabotage our outcome because of negative thoughts. Why on earth do we do this, knowing full well that it is sabotaging our dreams to come true?
    Thanks for all your advice.
    Take care.

  • Darlene

    Hi, Bruce. This is a great segment and I really need the kick in the patootie to get moving. I’m challenged by believing that internet/online marketing can work. And by what product/service I can provide that is different enough. Thanks for your great information!

  • Anette Van Heerden

    Thank you, Bruce, you have helped me a lot.

  • mjndora

    I can not manifest money which is what i want to do.

  • Deana M

    I am a great starter & believer, passionate disciplined fired up then…life happens,my chronic self doubt creeps in & despondancy follows. I know Bruce its my lack of mind control that allows stuff to get in between by hearts desires & my goals. Have been working on this for a looooong time 🙂

  • Suzy Bell

    You are so wonderful and always right on!
    Thanks for all that you do and share.
    I’m proud of ya~!
    Rock on,
    Suzy Bell

  • Kucki Low

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your great video. I have both of your Cd’s and use them daily. They have really helped me to stay on track and moving closer and closer to achieving my goal.

    Thanks for what you.You are awesome!

    With much joy and gratitude,

    incredibly again

  • John D

    Hi Bruce – another great video!!
    My challenge is I’m attempting to conquer chronic fatigue.
    I use Manifestation for Relaxation, which is great, and my ‘vision’ is everything that will come together when I regain my health.
    However, it is not the “perfect health” itself, which may be where your 7 points come in.
    I’m re-defining my description of health to focus upon, albeit I’m doing struggle pretty well, and cannot find anything ‘solid’ as yet.
    I had ME 20 years ago and recovered to do 33 marathons, so my belief system is certainly attuned to knowing I can recover; and my RAS is seeking out loads of opportunities, but I’m not improving.



  • Rebecca

    Bruce, you are spot on with ALL that – so obvious yet we often overlook the obvious!

    John – I had ME years ago,after a very stressful period disentangling myself from an abusive marriage and my then career was in tatters. I hit a point where I allowed myself to just keel over. Somewhere inside I knew that this ‘illness’ was my friend because it made me decide to clear all the crap out of my life and just take on what I wanted. Even though I lost my home (which was about taking on what others told me I should have) and everything else, I hit a point after that where I decided I had nothing left to lose, and it was time to do something that I had always wanted to do and go to art college.

    I wanted it so much that I was accepted at all the colleges I applied to, including two colleges in London who both took in around 40 students out of 2000 applicants, and found scholarships to fund me and the equipment I needed. At the end of my first year, at a point where I felt that I didn’t belong because my work was so different to others, and I doubted myself and felt lost and out of place, I was given a 3 month show in Mayfair, the only invited photographer to shop among a group of Royal Academy graduates, all through a series of events which led to ‘chance’ encounters. In fact in my second year of my degree I became house photographer for a Jazz club and was working in the live music industry in London and published…

    I’m not blowing my own trumpet but explaining that I found that something and focused on it, (art school which led to a degree in photography as a mature student), and the ways of doing it came to me, (though I made sure it was all on my terms), and I soon forgot I had ME. One day I realized I was over the ME, as long as I wanted to be. If nothing else, your post here is a reminder to me that I always get what I want, but that deciding what I want is paramount. What I expect and believe is what I get – as well all do.

    Fast forward some years and more changes that I wanted and then another feeling of I want an adventure … after an epiphany 4 years ago, I emigrated to the USA to open an art gallery, and it was as though everything I had every done had led to this. Now, my biggest challenge is to get over my limiting beliefs about money! :>)

    John, you decided on something (the marathon) and did it, and then, (I’m guessing from my own experiences), didn’t have something else to follow it up with, so went back to the ME which is, at least, familiar and you know approximately what to expect. I know there was a time where, somewhere inside, I felt safe being ill until I decided I wanted something else. Now find something you really want and focus on it … as I must again!

    Good luck – feel good soon!

  • Rebecca

    Typo above – to show – not to shop – amongst Royal Academy graduates! :<)

  • John D

    some wise words – thank you!
    It is not quite th ecase with me as I have so many wonderful things around me that I just desparately want to get on and do.
    Interestingly, in th e2 years of not running, I (re)took up photography and have taken some stunning photos, so I agree with your analysis that my body was telling me to slow down and look for a wider range of things in life.
    Clearly I’ve not taken on all the lessons yet, otherwise I would be well again – hopefully soon.

    Good luck with your new future

  • Suzy Sharpe

    either 2 or 3 for me, but I am not sure what I do believe is possoble and not sure what my goals are conflicting with.

    Thank you it is making me think about it…this time I may get a little further.

  • MR. TD

    I would say …all of them.

  • MR. TD

    Good stuff! You’ve broken it down into a very understandable overview of the whole process. I would like to say that, the videos you put out are very informative and worth watching. Compared to some other ones, I like watching your videos in particular. Especially with the Caribbean background, very enjoyable to watch! I can relate to a lot of the people out there with goals or dreams that haven’t been realized yet. If it’s something you absolutely want, my words would be not to give up, ever! This is just inspiring. Thanks for the video Bruce.


  • Adnan

    Not believing in myself enough, is the one…
    Can, however seem to visualise the remedy !
    Thanks and kind regards

  • Anthony

    I do not want the change enough because it is unconvient and scary. The current supposed certainty appears more convenient than the supposed fear of loosing it all. So I do not believe trust enough in the new goal. I appear resistant towards my own good sense that says to make the change now!

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