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This is the first of a series of emails busting many of the most common myths around the Law Of Attraction.

Hold on tight, because it’s going to come at you fast and furiously.

MYTH: The Law Of Attraction is a LAW!

Everyone knows that the Law Of Attraction is a law, right?

Well let’s look at this pragmatically…

If the Law Of Attraction was a real law, it would have to be replicable again and again, each and every time it is applied.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t noticed that each and every time I think a thought that the Law Of Attraction makes it manifest into physical form.

In fact, I’m pretty darn pleased the Universe doesn’t work that way, because I think some pretty weird thoughts 

So what is the Law Of Attraction then?

The Law Of Attraction is a phenomenon – it’s a NAME given to a phenomenon that exists in the Universe.

The phenomenon looks like this: sometimes mysterious things happen in our world that seem unexplainable and that are often thought to be beneficial to us.

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist called them synchronicity. The sceptics call these phenomena coincidences. The religious call them miracles. The more new-agey crowd call it the Law Of Attraction.

I often hear people saying things like, “I’m going to use the Law Of Attraction to get xyz…”. Even I have been guilty of saying this in the past.

Nothing wrong with saying that, but a flaw exists with this kind of thinking: You CAN’T actually use the Law Of Attraction to get anything.

How come?

Because the LOA is not a thing – it is a phenomenon.

Phenomena cannot be used because they are effects generated by a myriad of different, systemic causes.

So, if you can’t use the Law Of Attraction, what tools can you use to build a life filled with everything you desire?

Here’s a short (if incomplete) list off the top of my head:

  1. You can use your imagination to program your mind to draw attention to opportunities that might bring you closer to your goals
  2. You might also be able to use your mind to influence matter on a subatomic level (more on this often debated topic in a future article)
  3. You can use your body to take actions that lead you closer to your goals
  4. You can take actions that keep yourself in a state of FLOW – that mysterious state where good (sometimes even miraculous) sh#t just seems to happen all around you.

These are just a few of the many things you CAN do to create the phenomenon known as the Law Of Attraction.

One last thing…

It’s also important to note that the Law Of Attraction is NOT some external force outside of you.

Why is that important?

Because the minute you think that some external force outside of you is influencing your life, you just gave ALL your power away to that force, leaving you as a VICTIM to that force’s power and influence over you.

Here’s the deal…

You Are The Force!

Or more accurately put, YOU are a part of the Force, which is everywhere.

As Darth Vader tells Luke in the movie Star Wars, “The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”

The physics behind this are too complex to explain in this short article, but for now, just consider that YOU are the Law Of Attraction in Action and that YOU can have anything you want in your life if you use your mind and play with your imagination.

So, there you have it… Myth #1 busted!

I hope this distinction allows you to begin thinking about the Law Of Attraction in a new, more empowering way.

Til next time,

Have a miraculous day,


P.S. As always, I welcome your comments below (and read all of them).

P.P.S. A great tool for helping you play with your imagination  is my Relaxation For Manifestation recording. Check it out here: Relaxation For Manifestation

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  • Anne

    He Bruce, Good for you. I was thinking about you the other day and did wonder. My request is that you change from a black background with white type. I find it hard to read. Thank you! With love and blessings to you.

  • Anne

    The back ground has now changed to white – much better. The black that came through first was weird! I am just writing about Overcoming Powerlessness. Over to you…

  • Alan

    Well, over the last two days and for the first time in six months I was listening to one of your bonus CD’s, and hey presto you manifested and no genie. Hmmmmmmmmm

  • Leonard Jacobs

    Welcome back

  • james

    hey, bruce.

    yeah, i was beginning to wonder where you were. is all the windsurfing and long walks on a deserted tropical getting to you? 😉

    i’m seriously digging the demystifcation and mythbusting activity. as you know lauren & i are communicating with many people looking for a way to change their future reality. the plain truth is that probably around 4% (by our calculation over 15 years of speaking to thousands) will ever actually do something to pull themselves closer to their dreams. reminds me of the story about the dog on the front porch who was howling and howling until the neighbor knocked on the door and asked the owner why his dog was making such a racket…the answer was ‘he’s lying on a nail’. the neighbor asked why he doesn’t just get up off it. the reply was ‘he’s obviously not in enough pain yet’.

    your friend,

  • Madeline

    Hi Bruce. Good to hear from you. Glad that you are back and glad you’ve dropped the BS. I loved your early work and I got a great deal out of your CDs.I think that you have the potential to be a very powerful leader and to make a great difference in people’s lives. It’s a great responsibility to have and I wish you well on the journey. I look forward to receiving some interesting thoughts from you.

  • Jayne

    Well done Bruce for telling the truth open and honestly.

    Over the last few months I too have come to realise that the law of attraction is more of a state of mind and state of being rather than just day dreaming.

    I look forward to your newsletter emails.

  • Charlotte Wolseley Brinton

    Hi Bruce, I did wonder what had happened to you and have to say, thought you must have had a personal crisis as you did stop mentioning your wife. I am sorry that you have had to go through this, but you will know now that you have grown and learnt so much from the experience.

    I still do believe in the Law of Attraction but absolutely agree that it is within you and not something that sits outside of you. I am still learning to use it as a guide to help me identify what I DON’T want and turn a negative into a positive. It is hard to always remain positive when life throws you ‘cow-dung’ but what the LoA has taught me is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, to think pro-actively and creatively, to believe in and have faith in myself and ‘the Management’ whatever you believe ‘the Management’ to be….

    I am constantly asked for advice by friends and sometimes strangers and my beliefs and understanding of LoA and various other things has enabled me to offer wise council – not telling someone what to do, but rather giving them alternatives to think about and how to turn a situation round. It helps them to think outside their own turmoil and to create a more positive outlook. It is just a learning process on how to think differently.

    Anyway – that’s my two cent’s worth. I hope to still receive your emails as there is always something new to learn.

    Very best wishes

  • Dale Burrell

    I love your work!

  • Richard Swan

    The man is back!

    Sorry to hear about your divorce Bruce and thanks for sharing your recent times. I realise everything happens for a reason – even when we’re in the middle of it and have no idea what the reason is – but I still feel for you and the pain you must have experienced during that period.

    But welcome back, it’s good to hear from you.

    Couldn’t agree more about people taking more ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for attrACTING things into their lives. Way too much push-button, instant-gratification society these days with people sitting around demanding/expecting things to happen. And also too many people just not bothering – not dreaming, not designing, not creating, not wanting to improve themselves and their situation, and ultimately to help others.

    The balance lies in having that desire and dream to create and design a better picture (a picture you can vividly and powerfully create with your Manifestation audio track), but then also taking those thousand tiny little actions (see the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsom) along the way to push you forward, keep your head up, and your eyes and ears open for those many opportunities that will undoubtedly make themselves open to you.

    Get the balance right and you get the flow!

    More importantly, live your life with that sense of PURPOSE and JOY – and bam: happiness.

    Welcome back Bruce; was about time you stopped sunning yourself anyway!!! 🙂

    Kind regards,
    (just jealous in cold, rainy Scotland)

  • Dirk

    Dear Bruze:

    I’m one of your biggest supporters and I really missed your posts man! I’m going to type the following, because I know you are as open to receiving feedback as accepting it!So please-I ask open mindedness and nothing else!Well maybe-you can perhaps dwell on the following for only one day, Her goes it:

    Remember that graph that you drew a while ago with love being the middle, depressed=the bottom,high=on the top?
    Now I had some problems with feeling low too much about 3 years ago!It is only when I decided to start helping people-when the table has turned! I found my flow that God had ment me to do-and the tables quickly starting to turn! I started whistling etc etc-And their is not a day that goes past that I know that that love mad my love what it is today! Its to awesome to come from a person man! So this isn’t me converting anyone-I’m straight-up telling you what happened in my life!

    So why did i decide to comment one your post? Because I think/rather I know you also find your flow by helping people (Aka-giving them wisdom through your sites). A good example is also when you wrote your book-That is when you oscillated in the middle(Aka=love)!

    Go well my friend!

  • Adnan Bashir

    Alhamdulillah, Bruce !
    May your experience and success expand…
    Kind regards

  • Rob Filer

    Hi Bruce, Sorry to hear about your divorce. Hope both of you are on the way to recovery. I heard you last year in Jo’burg, & was impressed. I am again impressed that you have the honesty to admit to a change of mind. I hope to read more of your (new/changed/up-dated) thoughts in the near future. I envy you the ability to clearly put your thoughts into words for others to read.
    Regards, Rob.

  • Shurnell

    I knew you’d surface when you were good and ready Bruce, glad to have you back. It’s strange to see you ‘bust myths’ about the LoA because that was one of the first things you did for me oh so long ago. Through you and your teachings I came to believe and accept that I am the force, the power to attract and achieve all I desire. I also learnt that I can only achieve this with clarity of mind, spirit and heart – something I’ve spent the past 5 years (ever since I met you) trying to achieve. It is good to hear from you and to see that your spirit is still strong and fighting. I look forward to the journey ahead.

  • Shosh

    Welcome back, Bruce! Looking forward to your emails. Bless you


  • Liz O'Connell

    Sorry to hear of your divorce but it can be a powerful learning curve of growth and realisation if you let it! I know mine was.
    Welcome back!
    I’ve missed your newsletters :o)

  • Nikki

    Hi Bruce

    Glad to see you’re back and I liked this healthy unravelling of the LOA.


  • Madhavi

    Hey Bruce, was wondering where you were, AND you manifested. Sorry to hear about your divorce, but you do realise that there was a perfectly good reason why you manifested it?

    I know I sound harsh, but you probably learnt all that you needed to learn from that relationship and your soul had to move forward in Life in search of new lessons of your Karma. Being a PLRT I can safely say that your Karmic debts with your wife are finished, and hence journey is over there.

    Accept it as such and see how new lessons manifest.


  • Ralph

    Totally agree with everything you say about the LOA. Looking forward to more sage advice from you.

  • Julia

    Welcome back Bruce!
    Thank you as always for sharing your valuable insights. I would just like to add…
    gratitude, gratitude, gratitude..

    Blessings to all

  • vivian

    Hello Bruce!

    good to hear from you again!


  • Marion

    Just started listening to your manifestation cd again and 1 week later you pop up…. Must be law of attraction working…lol

  • Janine Grobler

    Hi Bruce,
    Good to hear from u again.

    With regards to attracting what you want in life, I recommend a Book written by Dr. Joe Dispenza called Evolve your Brain, The science of Changing your Mind.
    He delves deep into the extraordinary potential of the mind. It provides a strong scientific basis for how the power of the human spirit can heal our bodies and our lives.
    It gives you the tools to make real changes in your life.
    It is an opportunity for anyone who is serious about becoming more and having more to learn exactly how it is done from the inside out.

    He has a website
    He was interviewed by Damien Senn.

    It has helped me understand how my subconscious programming attracts things into my life.

    Thank you for being who u are,


  • Jim Vaughan

    The LoA actually does work. Here’s how…

    The LoA serves the same purpose as a lighthouse does for ships at sea. It influences your DECISIONS and ACTIONS –after- you have entertained the IDEA, there is something you want to have, want to be, want to become, want to do, somewhere you want to be or something you want to learn more about.

    How well the LoA works depends on your level of ‘willingness and commitment’ to PAY THE PRICE! Anyone/Everyone CAN do it, few are WILLING.

    The LoA is the strength that holds together the ‘three link chain’ of (I) Ideas (D) Decisions (A) Actions. It serves the same purpose as a lighthouse for all ships at sea.
    It’s your internal GPS.

    As you ‘work for what you want, and get closer, it only appears to come to you’.

    Every idea you have ever had, or will have, came from your lifetime accumulation of (B) Beliefs, (A) Attitudes, (S) Skills.

    The ‘B-A-S-I-D-A Formula’ is the basic outline of every great achievement in history.

    Bruce, you do great work. I am glad you have decided to re-focus on brain on your work. The more you give it, the more it will give you.

    The only thing worse than ‘wishing you were in a relationship’ is ‘being in a relationship, wishing you weren’t’.

    Sometimes a kick in the teeth is the best thing for you. It may not seem that way at the time but, if there’s a destination you want to reach and not everyone is willing to ‘row the boat’, it’s best to leave them on the shore and set sail for for your dream.

    Everything is temporary. On the worse day of your life, tell yourself, “This is a temporary situation”. On the best day of your life, tell yourself, “This is a temporary situation”. Make the most of what you are and where you are on any given day in your life. Where ever you are, be there. Today is all there is! That’s why they call it, “The Present”.

    I am putting the finishing touches on a free eBook, “10,000 Years of Wisdom” which will be ready after July 1st of this year. Success formulas are an important part of the book.

  • Amanda

    It’s great to hear from you Bruce!
    I’m sorry to hear about your divorce and I send love and healing to you both.
    You’ve not convinced me that the Law of Attraction is a myth, but your exclamations certainly made me read on!
    I completely agree that sitting around waiting for ‘desires’ to enter your life is pointless and can carry heavy lessons if they interfere with your soul’s purpose or your life plan. However, I truly believe that ALL thoughts and actions are ‘attractive’ to the Universe/The Angels/God/The Collective Consciousness/All That Is, whether they are positive or negative WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.
    The knack is to keep your energy vibration high/fine, balanced and grounded. Keep your thoughts pure, unselfish, loving and non-materialistic and you become VERY ATTRACTIVE to all POSITIVE things. Then if your desires are the highest good for your highest self then the world’s your oyster xxx

  • Carlos

    Hi Bruce.

    Its good to hear from you again.

    I feel the problem with humanity is fear based and the ego.
    When you totally surrender your mind to your heart, you feel free from everything. Then you are a place of true power for your self – true happiness. We are all special we just have to find our true self’s, and where are we going as humanity.

    Thank you & many blessings.


  • Mervanwe

    Hey Bruce
    Life happens and one thing I know to be true something that Tony Robbins says – every thing happens, happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves you.
    Sooooooo sorry to hear about the divorce, I know it hurt – and will again in different ways and for different reasons. BUT – it will serve you too.
    You have put into words what I have known for quite a while, thanx. I thought I was the only person nuts enough to go against the “flow” (the common belief). Everything takes action to get the energy to move – so yip, it doesn’t just fall from the sky delivered by a genie. Although I do believe that the universal consciousness is a kinda genie – but more of a “help” when called apon.
    I also believe my existence is ultimately to assist and empower others – as it has been coined “help enough others get what they want and you will get what you want” – Zig Ziggler I thing said it or something similar.
    I really look forward to seeing you again when you’re next in SA.
    Lots of love, blessing and extra special energy to you my friend.

  • bmc

    Funnily enough, you crossed my mind just a day or two ago!!
    Nice to hear from you again. Sorry to hear about your divorce. Hope you (both) are moving to a better place.

  • Karen L. Kay

    Hi Bruce! Glad you’re back! I was wondering about you, and appreciate the candor in your email to us. I have really enjoyed your teaching, and am excited about this new direction for you.

    Looking forward to more “real” LOA stuff! You are already good at teaching actionable steps. Now that you’re stepping further away from the “woo woo”, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Giovanna

    Welcome back, dear Bruce, we all missed your wise thoughts/useful observations. Thank u for all, look forward to your next tip ^_^, take care

  • Eugene Love

    Welcome back Bruce. I enjoy your insights and I believe you are spot on about the Law of Attraction.

  • Ron Bragagnolo

    Great to have you back and present with us. The one thing I have always loved about your communication on the law of attraction is exactly what you mean. Create your vision, and the people, opportunities and circumstances will come your way. It is up to the individual to ACT on those things to create their reality.
    Great Post my friend.

  • Cassandra

    FINALLY! – someone is saying it the way it is!
    I so agree and wonder where this
    decision is going to lead you next.
    I want to hear more because I personally got stuck
    when I left The Secret teachings.
    Congratulations on your divorce and
    new chapter in your life.

  • Naresh

    Welcome back, Bruze! Missed you all these days you were absent.

    Sorry to hear about all that had taken place in your personal life.

    Good, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Everyone, who read about LOA have started dreaming, forgetting the ACTION part of LOA. Keep up the good work.

  • Bruce Muzik

    BruceBRUCE’S RESPONSE: Thanks everyone who has offered me their condolences about getting divorced. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness…

    Condolences do feel out of place though, because getting divorced was a blessing for both Adele and I.

    Today is 1 year exactly since I split with Adele.

    We both approached divorce consciously and as a learning experience. As a result, we both grew immensely from it and are both happier for it.

    Adele and I are still great friends and communicate every other week or so. I will always appreciate Adele, our marriage and the blessings it brought into my life.

    Another time, I’ll share what happened and some of the powerful lessons we learned.

    Be well,


  • Sandi Hanson

    Hi Bruce – It was soooo great to receive an e-mail from you today! I felt that something major was happening in your life, and knew you would be back with us eventually. You and your teachings have made an impact on my life and I will continue to look forward to more learning experiences! The journey and adventure of life is glorious. Love of ourselves and compassion and love for others is the way to go. Welcome back my friend!

  • Veronica

    Great to have you back and telling it as it really is.

  • Wendy

    I love that you said this about LOA. My feelings about LoA have been changing, but I couldn’t couldn’t figure out how to express it. You nailed it! Thanks.
    So glad you’re back. I’ve missed reading about your exploits! 🙂

  • Thema

    Sorry about the divorce,the least I can say, but I like the new Bruce. I am waiting to hear more on this new development. At least you still acknowledge the occurrence of miracles. By the way would you still call this force a Law Of Attraction; since you say it is not a law after all?

    Good to have you back broer.

  • Lynette

    Hi Bruce,

    Welcome back and welcome home. I see that the truth has set you free, and am honored to bear witness to it.

  • Dorothy

    It is funny as the other day I was actually wondering about where you had gone to and that we hadn’t gotten any e-mails from you. I appreciate the honesty as I too was starting to think some of the LoA material out there was nothing more than snake oil being pushed by a lot of snake oil salespeople. It seems the only people attracting wealth were the people selling the stuff…

  • brad

    Bruce- Did you get to keep your guitar? When I got divorced I left with my pickup and a golden retriever

  • Jisele

    Hello Bruce, Glad you are back and I appreciate your honesty.
    This is a time energetically when things are speeding up and the “savior” additude doesn’t serve us anymore.
    Instead it is time to help those who are ready to help themselves as well as make a positive difference in the world.
    This is a not only a healthy shift but a transformative one.
    Have a beautiful day and thanks!

  • LegacyCoachMary

    Bruce! I am so glad to hear your voice again. I just knew you were out there somewhere picking up jewels to bring back to us and share. If we are all hear learning our lessons on this one journey then learning to step up, wake up and take the lessons learned and bring the wisdom to others– isn’t that the journey really? Five years ago today my 22 year old son was killed in a car accident. He told me from the time he was a little boy that he wouldn’t be here very long. He lived every day full out– 100%, no matter what. I carry his spirit with me and know that we are all operating under some kind of grace from moment to moment. I am so glad that you are back to share and be the amazing CREATOR that you are (me too).

    Be the brilliant star that you are,

  • Tom Berry

    Hi Bruce,
    You have been a great inspiration in my life and I really value your input even though you are probably 25 years my junior. Many thanks for all you have done for me and may you keep adding value to people’s lives as you have done in the past.
    Sorry about the divorce. Time is a great healer and you are a strong person. Keep projecting ahead five or ten years and when you look back from that vantage point, you will see that this experience strengthened you even more.
    With love from all of us.

  • Ger Clifford

    Welcome back Bruce,

    Sorry to hear about your divorce,

    But what does not kill you will make you stronger.

    As rocky says in his speech to his son,

    you gotta take the hits in life thats how winning is done and you are a winner bruce.

    Keep moving forward

    Best wishes


  • Rebecca Norrington


    Glad to have you back!!!!!!!!!

    EVERYTHING that happens AND has happened is good! When you make a conscious decision to LOOK for what’s GOOD in ANY situation you WILL find it. For example. My Father’s death was a gift AND a blessing b/c I’m able to SHOW my son how to LIVE after I die.

    My Mother disinherited me …another gift! My home burgularized……another gift.

    IN MY OPINION, My life experiences are EXACTLY what I’ve attracted…for MY BETTERMENT and MY Evolution!

    Please let me know when you travel to Southern California…lunch on me….I owe you!

    Sent w/ gratitude,


    P.S. I agree w/ you. “Sorry for the divorce” is a “conditioned” AND well meaning response.

  • Suzanne

    Hmmmm, you know …what your talking about now is always how I saw you 🙂 Good luck on your journey and I am looking forward to recieving emails from you again!
    One Love

  • sylvia

    I am so sorry about the divorce pain. Ending a marriage is painful no matter how “adult” we are or how we carry o n a so called friendship with our former mate.As you must know by now this event happened because it happened, that’s it in a nutshell. I wish you peace of mind from here on in. I want to say HOORAY that someone has denied The Law of Attraction as I have always thought that it is a lot of hooey but was careful to whom I expressed this as people can get very touchy when you denigrate their beliefs. Well I have wondered where you got off to and I am glad that you are back to help us get through life is the best way possible WITHOUT THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Whew, that’s a load off of my mind.Take care of yourself.

  • Christina

    Hi Bruce, Thanks for coming back bolder and better! I appreciate all your e-mails and look forward to them. I admire anyone who can sort through the complicated things and continue to find the truth and move forward! You rock! Keep going…it brings new strength.

    Much gratitude,

  • kevin

    Well said. I’ve had a rough time but feel there must be reasons for it.Most important I have kept certain goals firm in my resolve and just carried on. I am now proud to say that TOMORROW I start shop fitting my first security shop and will be open to the public in a week.Guys choose your goals and be determined they will happen.NO DOUBT!!!!!Have a good one.SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Cams

    When one journey ends, another begins. All the best for this journey Bruce. Love and light always

  • Billionaire Maggie

    Dear Bruce,
    I still “Watch this bat fly”. We are all at different levels at different times and all is as it should be right now and all was as it should have been at any time in space. If the whole Universe did not conspire for us to be in the same space at the same time I would not be writing this right now. One persons BS is another ones saviour some time until they are ready to move on to new BS and another saviour. The acorn looks nothing like the oak tree. Everyone starts somewhere.
    You have done so much for so many. I honour and respect your courage and your honesty allways.
    I have a Wellness Centre called Beyond Limits and I will always credit you and a moment in spacetime for the boldness to have a dream big enough to never let anything overshadow it.
    Thank you!

  • Mariette

    Hi :))

    When I split from my x, I tried hard to keep a friendship ‘status’. Today I am so grateful that I worked on it.

    To all the people out there, going through it: There is life after seperation. And it is a great life. 😉

    Good luck and all the best.


  • Lee

    You Go Bruce..Weed out the lazy people who has a poor mantality..I’m all about going after you want and enjoying the journey..those are people who take action..notsit on their ass all day and hope for. A miricle..

  • Johnny

    I believe & You proved it, “Let your Action be your Attraction” Good to see you back human.

  • James Tagtmeyer

    HURRAY !!
    I always knew you were cutting edge, and going forward.. You just keep peeling back the layers of the attraction onion, and your blogs are the canvass upon which you paint the picture for us to see what you see.
    Thanks, keep showing me the journey..


  • Hansel

    just 2 days back i was thinking, whatever happened to that Bruce guy. lo and behold i manifested u. i guess that hocus pocus attraction thigy works.

    now to manifest some cash to pay rent.

    until next time.

    keep it real

  • Diane

    Some powerful comments. With regard to the Law of Attraction, I subscribe to the Law of Syncronicity.
    It definitely exists. Also I read the Bible everyday.
    It’s made a huge difference, and good for the soul.

  • Diane

    Dear Bruce,

    I have always liked hearing from you.

    I feel a little like you may be limiting the magic, mystery and understanding of our powers and imagination since many people have won the lottery or other things by willing it, imagining it, or speaking it into existence somehow. It seems it bit harsh to call people who want to know how this happens, people who don’t want to get off their ASSES.

    Consider Helene Hadsell, now in her eighties, who won every contest she ever entered and wrote a book about it. She did it mentally. Or, more recently, Cynthia Stafford in Los Angeles in 2OO7, who won the exact amount she set out to win {112 million} and used the principles as described by Joseph Murphy with belief and faith. With the money she won, she saved her family, which included her brothers four orphaned kids, and now she has started a film company to make inspirational films. Why should we limit ourselves by putting something down? Thought is the first action which influences our feelings and causes us to act physically. If you get a thought to win the lottery and it feels good, then move your ass and go buy a ticket when your intuition tells you to. Is it really that bad? Joyful expectation is a miracle worker. Ask for anything..the Bible says it too…Why judge? In my own case I have won an acre of land, a case of wine, manicures, shopping trips and last night I won four limited edition prints at a book launch. When I am waiting for drawings, I sometimes say quietly in my mind or even outloud…”Pick me, pick me!” I feel like a little kid waiting for the teacher to call my name. I always get happy and excited when I have a ticket. I like feeling like a winner and I think it helps me win.I have also guessed the first, second and third winners in a horse race. Now, I have learned to memorie my jubilant and positive feeling that gets results.

    I haven’t set my sites on a big lottery ticket yet, but why not? I realize there is some negativity surrounding the idea as you expressed. The work ethic, makes me feel like it is wrong to want to win a huge amount of money. This is a myth similar to “rich people are greedy” or “money is the root of all evil” that floats around in our belief culture.

    But, if I decide to go for it, I will keep it a secret since I might pick up negative vibes that could make me feel guilty…I don’t want people telling me I just want to win the lottery cause I don’t want to “get of my ass!”

    Winning the lottery, to me, is just using the same
    Divine principles and Natural Laws of the Mind for anything else. God or the Creative Force and Intelligence behind all creation, does not judge what is worthy or not…That is why dominate thoughts of a destructive nature manifest also. It simply delivers if you can manage to align with it in the matching frequencies of mind, body and soul.

    Lotteries are money energy the same as money gotten by long hours of slave labor at a menial job. Is the “job” more noble? So, why not investigate how people DO win lotteries? How do people create their own luck like this? Why not really look into it and test it out? Scientists have already proven our thoughts have an impact on physical reality. We cannot deny this.

    Let’s be light about life and how it works and the possibilities it holds. It has a lot to teach us and it is more dangerous to act like we “know” and start judging and shutting down Truths. If people want to win the lottery, why don’t we just support them and wish them well?

    Lastly, I just remembered Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert who has many stories about how he became a syndicated cartoonist and had success in the stock market by using law of attraction and asking his higher self what stocks to buy. Answers came to him in dreams. So, look those people up if you lack faith. They did it, so can everyone else. Look up Helene Hadsell, Cynthia Stafford and Scott Adams. These are just 3 of zillions of people who used the law of attraction to get money and things without getting off their physical asses…they did, however, by getting off their mental asses and doing the hardest work of all…THINKING.

    Google all this. Also, listen to Neville Goddard on Youtube where he talks about being a doer of the law and moving your mental furniture around to create miracles and desired results. Joe Vitale talks about Nevillizing things. Ask for wisdom and knowledge about all this. We need to empower ourselves EACH MOMENT… about money, health, relationships, love to take each step and make the world a better place. Massive amounts of info are free…KEEP AN OPEN MIND and STAY AWAKE.

    • Bruce Muzik

      BRUCE’S RESPONSE: Hi Diane,

      I don’t disagree with what you are saying. If you want to play with winning the lottery for fun, great! I’m all for having fun.

      However, when people use those kinds of strategies as their primary strategy for getting rich quick, it usually comes from a mindset of scarcity and wanting to get something for nothing.

      There’s nothing wrong with that mindset, but its not a mindset I enjoy interacting with I have ZERO desire to have those kind of people on my list or in my life… Not because they are bad or somehow wrong, but because I choose to surround myself with people who are responsible, love to add value to others, and make this world and even more fun place to play in.

      So, if playing the lottery turns you on. Go for it!


  • Wendy

    Welcome back – I also got divorced unfortunately accrimoniously, however, I have learnt many things.

    Regarding winning the lottery made me think of something.
    ” A man asked God to help him win the lottery. Every night he prayed and prayed – please God let me win the lottery. Eventually he got angry with God and said to God – Why don’t you let me win the lottery and God replied. BUY A LOTTERY TICKET AND MAYBE I CAN DO SOMETHING THEN.” 😉

    Take care and best wishes for the future!

  • Fatima

    Celebrate your new beginning! It’s the most exciting part of all journeys.

    I had a nagging feeling that something wasnt right with LoA in THe secret.

    The way you teach it through quantum physics is the real science behind success.

    waiting for more!


  • UK Stacey

    Relaxation for Manifestation has changed my habits and in so doing has changed the way I work, and therefore I am making huge strides in living my life the way I plan to, and sharing my knowledge on a much wider scale. This, to me, is the benefit of Law of Attraction – seeing yourself in the future, analysing what you see, and working backwards to make the small changes that have huge impacts, and being inspired to make more small changes – not only in our minds, but in our daily lives.
    Thank you for that, Bruce, and it’s good to hear that your divorce from Adele was one made from a positive standpoint so you can both move forward and benefit from your times together, and your lives from now.

  • Gerhard

    About high time the truth be told, I know of many people, including myself that has been led into a false sense of reality by LOA teachers. Evangelist, Dr. Kent Hovind used a good parrable to describe false teachings. It is like rat poison, 90% good food (thus the best rat poison has the best food) and 10% poison. It is the tiny bit that is deadly. If the rat can learn how to seperate the food from the poison, he would have a care free life. I suggest reading “Shut up, stop whining and get a life” by John Whiley. No sugar coating, just the real practical truth. Best of luck to all.

  • sshankar

    Great to hear from you once again Bruce. Now you have the opportunity to attract the mate you want. yeah?
    best wishes,

  • Lize

    Welcome back!
    THanks for your honesty and frankness, it’s refreshing.
    When are you coming to SA?

  • Sagren

    Dear Bruce
    It is a law. For an experiment to be repeatable all conditions must be identical. There are just too many variables acting on us all to predict anything. Our thoughts interact with all the other thoughts of mankind. The amount of data to be processed by the Grand Organised Designer to produce a lottery winner is not possible to comprehend. Its not just the volume of data to be processed its also the data (peoples thoughts) is changing all the time. Just because we mere mortals cant always understand the outcome of the experiment it does not mean the failure or non-existence of nature’s law

  • Schalk Naude

    One day when you are in SA again I would love to speak to you if possible….?

  • Christa

    I am sorry that you got devorced. I am happy that you came back. I can feel that you went through some change, but you don’t know yet where it will lead you. I am curious of where you will go (not meant geographically).
    I am not up to win or marry money as I love to work and I love to learn. And I also love to pass on what I have learned.
    I wish you Good Luck and Happiness!

  • Selina Vari

    Glad to have you back in the flow of things.
    I just want to mention that your definition of the Law of Attraction is flawed (just think it and it will come to you).
    It’s never about just your thoughts, its always about what vibes you’re sending out.
    People usually have a very limited imagination when it comes to thinking of “how” something should happen in order to get the results they want. Unless you have a very good reason why you want something, a reason that gets you going, then you’re probably thinking in the wrong direction.
    Moping around the house waiting to win the lottery is not going to give you a great life. Going out and enjoying life and having fun will attract fun stuff…
    I happen to think that “stuff”(including money) is never going to give me a great life, but having a great life always automatically includes the great stuff!
    Besides, what your living now is usually the end result of some things you were thinking a while back and who wants to bother with old stuff when there’s still so much to discover and experience from NOW on?
    I’ll be looking out for your next posting!

  • Darlene

    Well, Bruce, I, too, was wondering what happened to your posts as I was one of your many followers who always gets something out of what you have to say.

    Nothing like a personal crisis to jerk the slack out of the reins. Been there, done that, don’t wear the t-shirts.

    Your point about giving value is right on — A woman I admire very much and who frankly scares me a little accused me of spending too much time looking in the mirror and not spending enough time looking outward. Jerked the slack out of my reins right there, it did. But it reminded me that’s it about helping others, not taking. Because when you give, getting back doesn’t matter. So thanks for that and yes to more.
    Onward…and I hope you’re enjoying your new windy home on the island.

  • Brenda

    Hi Bruce and WELCOME BACK!!!! Good one! you so being so blunt – that is what I like about you, nowt pussing footing around, straight to the point THANK YOU. There are any out there who have that perception and are not willing to stop skimming the surface, wake up call to many. With love and best wishes with the next chapter of your journey!!!

  • Elthea Schlesinger

    Hallo Bruce, a book I suspect you will find instructing is: Omni Reveals the Four principles of Creation by John L. Payne – Findhorn Press (who also has a special connection to SA). I guess it would be rather controversial since it is “channeled”, but if you can suspend our culturally ingrained inclination to disbelief, you will travel far and wide to find a more compact equal of its profound yet no-nonsence wisdom. Being an avid follower of any break-through discoveries in Science(especially Quantum physics and Bio-networks) I have been reading these 172 pages since 2002 and found that it never fails to surprise me with intensly gratifying insights. (By the way, you still owe me and my husband a Designer-Life seminar, that I have paid for but couldn’t attend as a result of a squash injury at the time… way back in twenty-voertsek). Keep well, let us meet one day.

  • Elthea Schlesinger

    Hi, I’ve just posted a comment and would like to be notified of follow-up comments via e-mail please?

  • Julie

    Hey Bruce, Brilliant to hear from you again. I always liked your emails and the videos you make for us. I have to say that out of all the self-development emails I receive, yours are the best. This is because all the others are blatently just trying to sell you the latest system or programme. You just freely give your insights and ideas which are always fresh and interesting.

    I don’t think it sounds like your view on the Law of Attraction has changed that much really, because you’ve always been big on the action part, and you’ve always been truthful. Well that’s how I’ve taken it anyway.

    Remember the “trim tab”. That’s what did it for me.

    The begining of last winter I took the Wealth Dynamics Test. I was amazed to find out I am a mechanic. I’ve never fixed anything in my life, but that was because I thought I couldn’t. And when I thought about it, I do like my systems in place for all sorts of things. I was meaning to give you feedback for the last seven months also, but my feet havn’t touched the ground since.

    My Trim Tab was investing in our luxury touring caravan. We spent most of the winter in it, on the back garden. While I finished off the refurbishment of our bungalow. What a milestone! This refurb started in Aug 2005 when my partner was alive and well. We’ve lived with it half done since Jan 07.
    I got a plummer in for the bathroom, electricians to move a unsightly meter and a painter because I got bored of painting! But I did loads of the work myself. I learned to plaster, did woodwork, became a dab hand with a screwdriver! Fixed loads of things.

    Its all done now and its available as a holiday bungalow for anyone who wants to come to gorgeous sunny Suffolk (UK). We have a couple of bookings already. The mortgage gets paid and me and my 2 beautiful children get to spend some more time in our fantastic caravan.

    If I hadn’t had this idea at the beginning of last winter. Or even worse if I’d not acted on it, we wouldn’t be in this more fortunate position that we’re now in.

    Thank You for you inspiring emails, I’ve missed them. I want to stay on your list please so that I can hear from, the more RAW you.

    I don’t blame you for going off the scene for a while though. Divorce is definately a turning point in one’s life and calls for some private contemplation and reflection.

  • Steve

    Hey Bruce – divorce is a great teacher . . . But ouch – how f**kin painful! (Got the T-shirt myself). Hope you’re not still smartin too much. If it’s what you needed – then blessings will overflow – and its great you’re back on track with emails.

    I only heard of you recently through Gill Thingy’s ‘Riches’ book. I instantly related to you as I’m also a life coach and a muso (and artist).

    Also, I’m glad of this opportunity to touch base with you, as there was one phrase used in the Riches book that stood out to me like a bolt from the blue – in the whole book – and it was yours!
    This phrase touched my life so profoundly that I have almost finished writing a book based on your words. I dunno whether you penned them yourself, or borrowed them from someone – but all the same I wanted to thank you for passing them through. They provided the key for me to change a deeply held polarity in myself. The change came about as I wrote my book, and I have since begun to make important moves that were previously held back.

    [And by the way – I’ve felt like you do about the law of attraction for some time. Although, it does provide a pleasant little cult following that lends itself nicely to some getting fat on other’s naivity – which, according to the law of ‘all things being just right as they are’ is ok until you’re ready to take your own power – and learn to do useful things. (That’s for those on the thin side!)]

    So here’s to your back-on-track success Bruce! I wish you extrememy well in health, wealth and love.

    Have a great day –

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