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If there’s one thing that kills relationships, it’s neediness… Even if you’re not needy in relationships, you may be killing your Law Of Attraction success by being needy with Life. This video has the cure…

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why being needy us the most common mistake people make with the Law Of Attraction
  • THREE breakthrough tips to counteract being needy with Life
  • How I used these tips to manifest winning an Apple iPad



Here is where to check out the Law Of Attraction CD I spoke of in the video.


P.S.Β Please let me know what you thought of it in the comments below. Thanks πŸ™‚
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  • Jess

    *cringe* I think you’re describing me!

  • Bar

    A good reminder. Thank you.

  • Lynette

    Bruce, you never cease to amaze me. Once again, you have hit my “problem of the day” right on its ugly head. I am a resister, now, I am determined to find more ways to let go, and see what comes back to me because of it. Thanks a million.

  • Steve

    Very useful … especially with the real world example of attraction in action!

  • linda

    hi bruce it was really good for putting those things in me i feel relaxed

  • Werner

    Bruce i recently discovered your learnings and i am slowly starting to use them, myself and my cousin are starting a small web design jobby and i will deffenitely apply this law of attraction in my life.
    thanx for a great video and gift.

  • Sshankar

    Hi Bruce,
    This tip was a timely one, as i was desiring to manifest a particular thing to happen and was always cling to the thought. Thanks.

  • Geoff

    Hey Bruce
    GREAT thought process and breaking the mould of the traditional. I agree that once the desperation to achieve something is gone, it is more easily achievable. Also alleviates some of the pressure to perform to your own expectations which allows you to manifest… πŸ™‚

  • Lizzie

    I haven’t been able to download. There seems to be an error with the video.

  • Colin

    Hey Bruce,
    Another great video… Its kinda like playing hard to get with your dreams. You start out all over the idea, then kinda act like so what about it and then it pops up as if to say don’t you still like me!

    Thanx Bruce

  • Julie-Anne

    I actually told myself this the other day πŸ™‚
    I have set everything up, done all my homework, done all the advertizing, and now I just have to step back and give it space to work! πŸ™‚
    Easier said than done when there are bills and wages to pay, but I just have to make myself take a deep breath and let the universe provide.
    PS you sound South Africa?

  • James Tagtmeyer

    NOW we’re getting somewhere! You now have demonstrated that you have IT….
    Could not have said it better.. tho I have tried.
    While trying to bring a few people I care about ( and not afraid to have think me “out thre”)into successful manifestation.. I have likened it to “Your mind making something happen “Again”..( that really will be for the first time).. because of the wonderfull “glitch” in the Sub-consious to not be able to disern fact from imagination.. hence the “real” reaction to a bad dream..
    Right On.. Bruce !!

    James Tagtmeyer

  • Anette Van Heerden

    Looking good, Bruce! And sounding even better! I just love your new stuff, you are really inspiring. I’ve never really believed in the Law of Attraction the way it was presented first. NOW it makes sense, and what you say about letting go, really works.

  • Andy

    Hi Bruce,

    That was very informative and useful – thank you.

    I have all my initial goals to go for and am just beginning to focus and visualise everything. Can you please tell me what is the key difference between the relaxation for manifestation and relaxation for wealth products?

    If I use the manifestation teachings surely I can apply them to manifesting wealth and most other goals I have no??

    kind regards


  • Todd

    Muchas gracias mi amigo!

    Great video. I love your simple, concise and how-to approach to teaching real world application of these principles. The fact that I know you live this way is even more assuring.

    After watching the video, I used your tips right away. We’ll see what happens…

    With love,

  • Suzanne

    Hey Bruce, Thanks so much!! I have kinda been noticing exactly what your talking about over the last few months. The things I have easily manifested have been the ones that I imagined achieving and then I just moved on, but the ones that I am so over thinking about are the one’s that have not happened. So over the last month I really picked up on the part in your cd (which I listen to everyday…for over a year now)that tells me to let it go, it’s crazy that it took so long listening to finally realize how important that part was…but it was there all You have just helped me confirm what I was trying to figure out πŸ™‚

  • Audrey Modestou

    Dear Bruce, I am fairly new to listening to you. I find what you say very interesting and common sense – however, not so easy to do for me. The tips you have just given are very interesting – I tend to think and think about it – NO WONDER I am still waiting for things to manifest. I find you come across very clear and easy to follow – so thank you very much. I know I will get there with your help – THANK YOU :-)))))

  • Jisele

    Thanks Bruce. I have been noticing more often how letting go, actually forgeting about something has brought it into my life. This along with much more then I originally expected.
    It is about getting out of our own way…..Why is it that we usually try way too hard?
    Thanks again for sharing this valuable information.
    Have a beautiful day!

  • Summer

    This is an AWESOME reminder. I first started studying the law of attraction and manifestation through Rosicrucian studies and being unattached to the outcome is one of the principle foundations of manifestation.

    In fact often the seemingly worst possible thing that could happen is the what makes room for your manifestation to come true.

    I’m reminded of a story of a little old lady with an old chicken coop on an island in the middle of the ocean. All she wanted was a new chicken coop but could not afford one, but she believed she would manifest one. A huge storm blew through a few months later and the town was torn up, and her chicken coop was completely destroyed leaving her with nothing, but lo and behold a brand new hen house had somehow washed up on shore during the storm about a mile away from her.

    The magic happens when you let it, and don’t add specific conditions and hurdles.

  • videha

    hi anyone
    I have been noticing long time for nothing on them because they cannot used any cd without closed captions
    so how they getlaw of attraction neediness?
    Thanks again for sharing this information.

  • Karen Kay

    Thank you Bruce! Perfect timing for me as always!

    It is the law of attraction, not law of attachment.

    Good vibes~


  • Dhariana

    WOW, this is so true, I often do it and then come to realize than when I just forget about whatever it is that I want so bad and just let it be. Then surprisingly an opportunity comes my way πŸ™‚

  • Dori Sigurdson

    Great insight Bruce…will follow you closer…

  • Wendy Angsico

    This is great Bruce. I’ll try it out then. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

  • Mo

    I was just like what you said sir, NEEDY! Like if I’m not sure whether I’ll get what I want or not.
    But now, I hope I can attract/win the girl who I really love by using these new tools wich I learned from this clip.
    Thank you mr: Muzik! God bless you!

  • Chantal

    Thank you Bruce for sharing your story and your tips. I have realized a few months ago that I am a pusher. I push and push and push trying to do it all by myself or doing it the hard way. And I am learning to let go and accept the rhythm of life. It’s much easier and pleasant, and as a bonus I am attracting more good in my life. However it’s still not fully part of me and I need to be reminded… Thank you for the reminder!

  • sylvia resnick

    I liked this message a great deal, but I have a
    question regarding something you said about the first contest. you said that you received an e mail telling you that your hadn’t won. I find that strange as I never heard of a contest where a non winner was informed that he or she had not won. Did I misunderstand you or ?

  • Andrea Albright

    I don’t know… it kinda sounds like you CHEATED for that iPad πŸ˜‰

  • Bruce Muzik

    Jedi Mind Tricks, Andrea! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend…

  • Soco

    Don’t you think the “Law of Attraction” is just an elaborate term for the stuff that happens as a result of self-suggestion?

    Which, in turn, causes you to pay attention to things you wouldn’t normally notice…like “Synchronicity man! I won an iPad when I stopped being NEEDY.”

    It’s not a 1 to 1 relationship and never has been. Unfortunately.

    If you didn’t win the iPad, the conclusion would have been different.

    Not being needy does not imply getting it. Being needy does not imply the opposite.

    Now people will be needy about not being needy. lol.

  • Keith

    The “letting go” makes a lot of sense, though I never really thought about it like that before. When I am too attached to the outcome manifesting my way, I set myself up for disapointment, it isn’t going my way.

    Define the outcome and then, get on with my life. Seems reasonable.

  • Thea Marais

    Fantastic advise. It worked for me without me knowing. I did “let go” of a house that I put an Offer to Purchase in over a year ago. And quess what, it was registered in my name last week.

  • Dirk

    Very powerfull. This is most likely one of the biggest mistakes Iv’e made. I think your video is concise and to the point, brings the message clearly and its really practical. Makes a lot of sense! I’m starting right away. Thank you Bruce!

  • Quinton

    In 1999 I packed up everything after a divorce. Without knowing it I applied all the visualization techniques and 3 years later Abby showed up. Five years of marriage and we are still on honeymoon! Now I’m using your technique to bring about a School of Tourism to benefit the disadvantaged communities in Zambia. I need your help. Great inspiration – THANK YOU.

  • xavier paolo josh mandreza

    sometimes sir i REALLY feel i am not destined to live a good life…..33 years of age still no partner and unable to travel abroad…..

  • Averil

    Your video brought something home to me after watching right now, it is so true and I have already experienced this. Although I continue to be ‘needy’ regarding work and finance !!

  • Johnny

    thanks Bruce, I absolutely Love & appreciate your Passion. this video supplements the video you made in singapore with chop sticks… thanks again. Wish you lots of happiness.

  • Corrine


    Sad to hear of your divorce. I have enjoyed your newsletter, but now wonder how effective what you say will be if in your own life you could not manifest your marriage to continue to work. Maybe you don’t have the answers for having a successful marriage. It is disappointing, that’s all. Good luck.

  • Andreas

    You are correct, if you stress you will miss out some crucial signs of how to get to your destination of choice.
    You are simply to focus on the end result you miss all the great things that happen on this journey, and in worst case you think you are standing still.
    This can cause you to give up.
    You need to set a goal, work towards it, but be open for changes how to get there.
    So my tip would be slow down, it donΒ΄t mean you are losing, it mean you are open for new and better way to get to your selected goal.

  • Johno

    Oh come on! This is just garble.

  • Ray Hill

    Hi Bruce, many thanks a timely reminder, I know it’s the letting go, working on that, πŸ™‚

  • Linda

    Hello Bruce,
    thank you for sharing this.

    I still struggle with letting go.

    Here’s why:

    I struggle to define the line when it is “enough” – “when I can be sure I have done everything I could”, including working on seeing things from a different perspective, forgiving (or as you mentioned earlier just see things differently and be grateful for it).

    Sometimes I feel I cheat myself when “forgiving” …you know…beeing to “nice” is often perceived as being stupid. Very often.

    Same with win-win situation. I have met a lot of people who still just care for their own interest.
    Maybe they are “healthier” than I am.

    I don’t know.

    Any advice on this (if I have been specific enough and you get what I mean here?)

    Let me know, please, if it is not “specific” enough.

    Kindest regards

  • Barbs

    Thanks for the info, I’m going to give this a try!

  • Magdalena Scopelitis

    I found this brilliant for the difficult part is to let go and allow it to happen.Most of the time we forget to detach.Thank you.

  • jackie

    Bruce, i feel like I’m hearing it all so clearly now – this site is to me and in fact, for everyone is a testament to the talents you have and how selfless it is of you to teach us as you feel to everyone – where have u being hiding man? As above from Barbs, and in your own words, and as we’ve been blessed, there is always the opposite of everything – let’s seek, will it, know it and believe IT – IT wil come. Thank you, I now am free.

  • Christa

    I am with your blog for a year now and was happy when you were back after your break.
    In 19 years I made 0 money. All my savings are gone now. There seems to be something which holds every cent or penny away from me. Well, I work quite hard and almost around the clock. The force holding me up is that I want to survive. Now, I am soon at the point where the way is closed. Yes, I am needy. Following some of my interests, without having the right food (can’t see lentils and rice anymore) is not fun. I will go on unil the electicity is switched off.
    My believe that I could make it or not is going up and down.

  • rai

    hi bruce! its amazing! not knowingly I’m already doing the ‘let go’ thing that you talked about in your video…sometimes it works, sometimes it does’nt…atleast now I know I’m doing the right thing….just let go and detached yourself..and it will come to you freely…thanks Bruce! =)

  • Adil Amarsi

    hey Bruce,
    Awesome vid.
    So true what you said, and i’ve had a very similar experience.

    Thank you and speak soon,


  • Trisha

    mean….kei te arohanui ahau to ahua

  • Alison

    Bruce, thanks for your tips and for this video. It really hit home to me! I’ve been needy and putting the Universe off!
    I’ve only just started subscribing to your emails but I love them and I just bookmarked this blog too. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  • Kim P Jones

    Hi. I have been reading all your blogs which are great and so far hav managed to think in a positive way towards being grateful for wjhat I already have and attracting more of the same. The one thing in my life that I strugge with is my health!! How can I think so positively when the physical pain is so real? Please guide me on how I can think more positivly?

  • Darlene

    Bruce, I just can’t get enough. I went from listening to your hour long seminar with Damien Senn on luck which was very helpful to watching the neediness video. I can claim that as having been my issue. Though when I answer the what will happen if my goal doesn’t come to fruition, I can honestly say that yes, I’ll still be alive, be able to write, and work, but I’ll be homeless, my phone will be turned off and well, I’ll lose my insurance and my car, and well, I’ll lose weight because I won’t have money to buy food. Soooo….better go get listening to my Manifestation and Wealth mp3s. Thanks again for this great information!

  • Bernard Schofield

    Hi Bruce,
    I have been meaning to contact you for your previous words of wisdom (Damien Senn some time ago etc). You come across to me as a wonderful positive being and I really have appreciated all your experience and help regarding the whole business of attraction. Thankyou very much indeed.

  • Kylon

    Thanks for this Bruce. Great Video and Congratulations on your win.

  • learning spanish like crazy

    some truly nice and utilitarian info on this site, besides I think the design contains great features.

  • Ana

    Well … the first thing that I’m trying to manifest in the short term is the money I need to pay an overdue credit card bill. The thing is, how do I go about it without defining a timeline since it is due next week? If I don’t get it by then, my credit will get worse and I’ll lose my card …

    So yes, bad things can happen if what you’re trying to manifest don’t come about. The trick here is, not caring about things like becoming homeless, losing your credit, etc. Those are real consequences. But I must learn to say to myself, even if those things happen, I’ll still be able to write, work on my own things, and probably have some place to sleep. Oh, and I will have food. That’s the trick.

  • Jason Linsey

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for those tips. It kinda clicks with what I read about in Joe Vitale’s book, “The Attractor Factor”, where he talks about, “getting clear.”

    I’ve really struggled with this part of attraction & your video has shown me why. So a BIIIIIGGGG THANK YOU!!!! for that!!! πŸ™‚

    You’ve also explained why my vision board last year didn’t work for me. I put all these wonderful things on there – a trip to Australia & New Zealand, 2 particular motorbikes, etc. & I put dates on each of them as to when I was going to receive them. I got none of them. Now I know why. Thank you for your fantastic insights! πŸ™‚

  • Jason Linsey

    Yeah, I’m gonna share this with all & sundry! Totally awesome!!! πŸ˜€

  • Mariann Oona Petersen

    wow this was just what i feel, how it is. when things are seen they do arive at some time.. also my experience. just is trust and letting go while moving on in life with smile πŸ™‚ by the way.. i felt as if you handed this ipad to me.. well i will get one πŸ™‚ thanks for the share !!!

  • Bee

    Thanks so much for the video. It helped relax about this guy I like so much and although he calls almost daily I freak out if he skips a day or two. I am almost terrified of losing him because he is everything I want in a man. So thank you I can try and relax a little bit knowing that I will be OK.

  • Zarajunejo


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