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I’ve spent the last 3 days studying the results of a Law Of Attraction survey I conducted recently. One of the questions I was asked the most often was “How do I speed up the process of getting what I want using the Law Of Attraction?”

After receiving this question at least 20 times, I began looking for an answer…

What is the secret? Is it…

  • Visualizing with more clarity?
  • Goal setting more regularly?
  • Creating a detailed plan of action?
  • Letting go and surrendering?
  • Taking massive action?
  • Removing limiting beliefs?
  • Installing positive beliefs
  • etc…

Of course, all these things are beneficial, but I was searching for the ONE single thing that makes the BIGGEST difference – the high leverage action…

After some reflection I soon realized that there are definitely times in my life when it seems like everything I touch turns to gold – when golden opportunities abound – as well as times when nothing seems to happen at all…

So, What Do All The Golden Times Have In Common?


Yip, as counter-intuitive as it sounds, the times when I experienced the most synchronicity and magic were the same times when I was creating the most SUCCESS in my life.

Ever heard, “Success breeds its own success” or “The rich get richer while the poor get poorer”?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m talking about here.

The More Success You Generate, The FASTER and More Powerfully You’ll Experience the Law Of Attraction In Your Life.

This principle of success generating its own success is known as MOMENTUM – a bit like the snowball gathering more snow the further it rolls down the mountain…

I had a direct experience of momentum last month.

Wake surfingA friend of mine invited me to go wake-surfing. Wake-surfing is when you take a surfboard and you surf on the actual wake of a large boat.

I noticed that as the boat gathered momentum, the wake grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, the momentum of the boat generated a wake that was big enough for me to surf without having to be towed along… It was a cool feeling being carried along by this powerful force!

Success with the Law Of Attraction works in a similar way. The more momentum you create, the more you get ‘carried’ along by the wave…

I first heard about “attraction momentum” from Roger James Hamilton in his must-read business book “Your Life Your Legacy”. He writes, “When we are living with momentum, small obstacles disappear… and attraction appears all around us… and sweeps us along.” (BTW, you can get the book free when you buy a Wealth Dynamics test through this link).

So if momentum is the catalyst for Attraction, then the million dollar question must be, “How can we all create unstoppable momentum in our lives?”

How to Create Unstoppable Momentum

Well, in my experience, creating momentum starts simply with taking some action.

The action you take must a) be sustained over a period of time (enough time to generate some momentum) and b) sustained in the “proper” direction.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these distinctions.

1. Sustained Action

Imagine a candle… an innocent enough object. It provides us with light and warmth.

Now, imagine that this same candle is allowed to burn until it sets fire to a pile of logs… This little candle could be the beginning of a furnace that could cook you food and keep you warm for days… That is the power of sustained action in one direction.

You, my friend, have a candle in your hands that could light up the rest of your life if you allow it. Your candle is your ability to take action.

Are you allowing it to burn bright over time, or do you smother it at the first sign of stormy weather?

2. Action In The “Proper” Direction?

So how on earth are you supposed to know if you’re taking action in the “proper” direction anyways?

Obviously, I can’t know what the “proper” direction is for you, but I can share something I’ve learned from many years of traveling in the “wrong” direction.

The “proper” direction for you is most likely going to be discovered by you, not chosen by you.

Nine times out of 10, when you do achieve something great, it is not going to be the initial goal you set out to achieve – it’s going to be something you discovered along the path to achieving your initial goal.

I remember buying a ticket to a Landmark Education seminar (a personal development seminar) with the intention of finding out what was causing my depression at the time.

As a result of that seminar, I ended up moving into a ghetto in South Africa and living there for 6 months as the only white man for miles around. My ‘move’ was a life defining experience for me and had me plastered all over the front page of the newspaper.

Could I have ever predicted that a seminar would lead to me moving to a ghetto which would lead to me being on the front page of a newspaper, which would lead to me inspiring a nation which would lead to my depression disappearing? NEVER in a million years!

So what is the trick for determining the appropriate action?


The trick is to continuously look for feedback from your actions. If something you are doing is not working, take note as to why, and then adjust what you are doing accordingly. Anything will usually work better than what is already not working.

BONUS: Bruce’s Big Balls Principle:

Here’s a principle I have proved to be true for me time and time again:

If taking an action requires Big Balls (i.e. the thought of taking it  scares the crap out of me) and excites me at the same time, it’s usually the proper action for me to take.

Nuff said…

So, we’ve covered a lot in a short space, so let’s sum it up and dumb it down.

  1. More than anything else, attraction is a byproduct of MOMENTUM.
  2. Momentum is a byproduct of sustained action in the “proper” direction.
  3. People with big balls attract good stuff faster (whoever said that size doesn’t matter had no idea what they were talking about).

Til next time, think BIG.


P.S. A great way to get yourself inspired to take ‘proper’ action is to program your mind with your goal. Find out how to do it here.

P.P.S. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated. I read them all…

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  • Rolf

    This is absolutely great content, as usual.

  • Alan Paul

    Absolutely Right – and so Spot-On Bruce. I recently lost my darling wife to cancer (at a young age)and that resulted in me losing grip of reality, so I lost my business and retirement dream. After 3 months I picked myself up, decided that I had to get LIVING again, did my early morning meditation every dawn, read all the inspirational books I could, and have been telling myself and ALL my family & friends that I am SO GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE! And now things are looking UP ! I have been asked to be MD of a new company and a new woman has appeared in my life to make me smile ! This has taken 6 months. I am so authentically grateful every day and inspired. WHY ? because every day I listen to “Relaxation for Manifestation” by Bruce. I have got thru my Valley of the Shadow of Death. Really. Thanks Bruce.

  • leah

    thank you Bruce for this very inspiring letter

  • Jisele

    Hello Bruce. I love your “loving” but “to the point” advice.

  • Karen Kay

    Great thoughts, Bruce! Thanks a million~

    On to making my own wave….

    Keep being awesome!


  • David Watts

    Wow Bruce! This article was very inspiring and actually
    stress relieving. I am starting to experience success in my niche and to know that the momentum will increase is an
    incredible feeling!

  • Camronn

    Love the ‘Big Balls’ principle. I’ve tried to share that thought with people before by saying that the best things in my life have all come from doing something against my ‘better judgement’. I like the way you put it better. 😉

    Much Love

  • Julie

    Hi Bruce, An interesting read, thanks. I run a workshop called the Power of Momentum and teach these very principles. We also have fun spinning circus plates to demonstrate the theory of continuous action. Every happiness to you. J

  • Wayne Bruyns

    Trapped between two worlds

    I have just finished reading Eckart Tolle’s excellent book the Power of Now, after having got myself into a huge financial mess, this book and many of the current spiritual guru’s have certainly helped me maintain my sanity, the value of the right mindset cannot be underestimated.

    Eckart Tolle takes the whole spiritual aspect to a new level, I had been searching for my “life’s purpose” having now been introduced to my spirit by disidentifying with mind, through realisation that it is a bodily tool like a hand, I now believe there may be no great purpose to this life other than to learn and grow in spirit, until spirit leaves this body to whatever experience is next.

    This certainly removes a lot of pressure to succeed in this life and reminds of what Bruce said at his seminar I attended, turn the boat around and flow with the current.

    I still find that I need to remind myself that I am of the spirit, here to enjoy the human world, this is obviously new to me hopefully with practice over time the two will somehow merge seamlessly.

    Good Luck to all
    Enjoy the Ride
    Wayne Bruyns

  • Theyo Bedeau

    Thank you for that wonderful Blog, much appreciated, your Big Balls theory is spot on. Theyo B

  • Justine Seymour

    Thanks Bruce, i love this blog! I have felt like I’ve been swimming upstream for the past year! i have decided to change my attitude toward the challenges that have crossed my path and to not give them so much head space (they only get bigger up there!). I will laugh in the face of adversity & show them my Big Balls! Ha! When are you coming to Cape Town for a seminar? 🙂

  • Susan

    Hi Bruce I have been pondering this and have found that I recognize the power of the momentum as I’m sure we all do. The major question is how do we start the initial momentum flowing. A lot of times we find ourselves stuck in the calm water and do not know how to start the wave. When this happens what is the best approach to making the wave? Thanks for your insight. Susan

  • Darlene

    Hi, Bruce. I just listened to the 3 Blocks to Attracting video and now I’m bummed. You see, I have to be attached to the August 14, 2010 deadline because I’ll be homeless if I don’t leave my current resident on that date. I’ll do the “What If?” exercise to really define what’s going to happen if I don’t realize my goal by that date and keep you posted. Your stuff is still making the most sense to me of all the noise out there and I use both your Manifestation tapes every day. And the sleep one at night. Thanks!

  • reynan asuncion

    you always inspire me bruce!

    Thanks you so much!

    reynan of philippines

  • Annette

    Love the Big Balls theory – I recognise it as that is preciously how I feel until when I finally take the necessary action and don’t stop until I get the desired outcome – it is then that I get the best results from my plans and actions.

  • Michelle

    Within the next 2 months I will be in a head of finance position, leading a team and be a business partner to head of business with the salary that I want in a sizable MNC. I work with people with high integrity and deliver results as well as team work.

  • Nikki

    Howzit Bruce,
    So, how do you know when something’s not working for your greater good?
    When you were in the township , I’m sure there must’ve been days when you questioned your sanity, & as you say, at the time you never would’ve seen how that action would lead to curing your depression, or starting you down a new life’s path.
    So, when the whole world looks grey, you’ve been unemployed for 6 months, you’ve lost everything & created a mountain of debt in the process, the animals have all fallen unexpected sick, the kids have broken bones & grown out of all their clothes, you’ve been applying for every job every day, you’ve been applying your mind (wrestling with it, more likely), taking consistent action, viewing everything as a possible opportunity, but nothing seems to be working, when’s the point that you look around and say, this valley is / isn’t one of those unexpected things to get through on my journey & as a result I should carry on going / give up.
    And if you choose to carry on – how? To what?
    And if you give up, what do you do instead?

    • Bruce Muzik

      Hi Nikki,

      Thanks for taking the time to share all that with me.

      I have 3 questions for you to ponder this weekend:

      1) What lesson are you resisting learning? Said another way, what is life trying to teach you, that you refuse to learn?

      2) Where have you betrayed your own values? Said another way, where have you acted in ways that violate the values you most hold dear? Go make that right.

      3) What are you hiding from the world? This may be a secret or a gift you’re not giving…

      Take your time and answer then truthfully. The answers should be revealing.


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